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Credit: Chistopher Baker

Thoughts, p. 2

The Simple List, p. 6

Editor’s Note, p. 17

Your Words

  • This Month’s Question, p. 18
    What is the secret to a balanced life?
  • No-Obligation Book Club, p. 20
    What book helps you stay calm and feel balanced in your everyday life?

The Realist

  • Survey: Finding Balance in a Wired World, p. 23
    Are smartphones and social media a blessing, a curse, or a little of both? The results of a Real Simple and Huffington Post survey of more than 3,500 women
  • Tangled Up in Tech, p. 26
    The reasons behind our digital dependency
  • Break Free From Social Media, p. 28
    Feel yourself going down a rabbit hole? Here’s how to avoid it
  • Get on Top of E-mail, p. 30
    A step-by-step plan for managing your messages

Life Lessons

  • Good Read, p. 32
    Does work-life balance even exist? Ten thought leaders weigh in
  • Modern Manners, p. 38
    Catherine Newman on how to say no (politely) and more
  • Expertise, p. 45
    Five sayings that will keep you grounded

The Balanced Life


  • Beauty with Brains, p. 50
    How do I treat acne and wrinkles?
  • Road Test, p. 57
    Products for combination skin


  • Wardrobe for Life, p. 59
    Whether you log most hours at the office, at home, or everywhere in between, find your style essentials here


  • On an Even Keel, p. 69
    How to stay calm in anxiety-inducing situations


  • No Budget? No Problem, p. 76
    Foolproof spending and saving strategies for those averse to spreadsheets


  • Get Ahead of the Mess, p. 80
    Small adjustments that will make a big difference in your cleaning routine
  • The 9 Rules of Balanced Organizing, p. 83
    Hall of Fame mantras to help you conquer clutter for good


  • Nobody’s Perfect, p. 85
    Cut yourself some slack: reality-based parenting advice



  • Hold It Right There, p. 90
    Exercises and everyday habits to make you stronger and more stable
  • This is Your Home on Feng Shui, p. 96
    Expert ways to infuse every room with harmony and happiness
  • Balance or Bust, p. 104
    Armed with a stack of self-help books, one woman embarks on a quest for equilibrium


  • The New Balanced Diet, p. 114
    Eat healthy without the agita: sensible advice and delicious ideas for every meal of the day
  • How Much is Too Much, p. 125
    From sugar to salt, experts explain the latest findings
  • Room for Dessert, p. 131
    Delectable treats, sized just right
  • Nutritional Index, p. 134



Credits, p. 134
Where to buy products featured in this issue

Form & Function, p. 138
9 smart and stylish products

Clip and Save: Real Simple to Go, p. 139