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Thoughts, p. 2

The Simple List, p. 4

Editor’s Note, p. 17

Your Words

  • This Month’s Question, p. 21
    What is the most surprising thing about love?
  • No-Obligation Book Club, p. 25
    What is your favorite love story?

Trends Worth Trying

  • Destined to Be a Classic, p. 29
    Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick
  • Two Women, One Look, p. 30
    Mixed prints
  • Five-Minute Wow, p. 31
    Gold-finished flatware
  • Everyday Indulgence, p. 32
    Mesh-and-lace lingerie
  • One for All, p. 34
    Mirrored table lamps
  • 10 Finds Under $50, p. 36


  • New Uses for Old Things, p. 39
  • Start With, p. 42
    Semisweet chocolate
  • Problem Solvers of the Month, p. 46
  • Ask Real Simple, p. 48
    How to stretch out shrunken clothes

Life Lessons

  • Good Read, p. 53
    Laurie Sandell on the mysterious link between food and love
  • Modern Manners, p. 59
    Julie Rottenberg on canceling plans when friends are sick
  • Expertise, p. 63
    Jeffrey L. Seglin on 10 everyday ethical dilemmas

The Guide


  • Expert Advice, p. 69
    Brow grooming 101: Get beautifully shaped arches in three simple steps
  • Beauty With Brains, p. 75
    Do you need to worry about parabens in your beauty products?


  • Style Setter, p. 81
    Rachel Roy’s favorite things
  • Fit Lab, p. 87
    How to wear a tunic, whatever your body type


  • 15 Minutes and You’re Done, p. 95
    Three easy, relaxing routines to help you relieve stress
  • Road Test, p. 99
    Workout DVDs


  • Decorating With Red, p. 103
    Go all out with red walls or add here-and-there statement-making accents
  • Road Test, p. 108
  • Speed Cleaning, p. 111
    A spotless bathroom in five minutes flat


  • Money Got You Down?, p. 113
    Attainable ways to appease five common financial worries
  • Moneywise, p. 108
    How to save on hosiery; the new credit-card rules; plus, an online-dating-site comparison


  • What Makes My Life Real Simple, p. 125
  • They’re Golden, p. 126
    Six couples, all wed for 50 years or more, share their secrets for staying happily together
  • The Art of Moderation, p. 136
    How to strike the right balance with everything from sweets to cell phones
  • Keep It Real (Neat), p. 140
    Four supremely organized women share their systems
  • The Pros’ Guide to Pampering, p. 146
    Spa-quality treatments you can give yourself at home


  • Deliciously Filling 400-Calorie (or Less!) Dinners, p. 154
    Six satisfying meals that won’t break your calorie budget
  • Road Test, p. 163
  • Quick Takes, p. 164
    Ten tasty upgrades for cheese ravioli
  • Five Easy Dinners, p. 167
  • Nutritional Index, p. 179

Credits, p. 182
Where to buy the products featured in this issue

Discounts & Deals, p. 186
Exclusive discounts on workout gear

Real Simple to Go, p. 188