See what was in this issue of Real Simple.
Credit: Jose Picayo

On the Cover

  • A month of easy dinners: Your stress-free plan for delicious weeknight meals, p. 200
  • 21 smart, real-life laundry strategies, p. 236
  • How to save on groceries, winter coats, and Halloween supplies, p. 189, 93, 191
  • The complete appliance troubleshooting guide, p. 147


In This Issue

Thoughts, p. 4
 The Simple List, p. 6
 Contributors, p. 28
 Editor’s Note, p. 33 
 Your Words
What does home mean to you?, p. 35

Life Lessons
Writer Christopher Healy on how a love of random facts got him picked on as a kid―but helped him forge relationships as an adult, p. 61
  Personal Best
Psychologist and author Robert L. Leahy on 10 ways to cope with anxiety, p. 195
 Reality Check
Charging fees for bad behaviors, p. 292
 Real Simple to Go, p. 294

The Guide


  • Top fall fashion finds from your five favorite stores at the mall, p. 69
  • Forgiving fits, shapewear, and other stealth wardrobe solutions to help you dress slim, p. 85
  • Nine fabulously cozy coats―each less than $200, p. 93


  • Expert Rita Hazan’s tips for great hair color at home or at the salon, p. 103
  • Keep your hands soft and youthful with this nourishing advice, p. 111
  • Road Test: razors, p. 119


  • Inspiring stories from breast cancer survivors-―and two women in the vanguard of those finding a cure, p. 125
  • How to navigate the frozen-food aisle and come away with healthy and delicious choices, p. 135


  • A troubleshooting guide to common home-appliance problems, p. 147
  • Keep your rooms in bloom year-round with faux flowers and plants that look just like the real thing, p. 159
  • Starting to work from home? Use this guide to set up an efficient office, p. 167
  • Road Test: rakes, p. 174


  • Results of the first-ever Real Simple reader etiquette survey, plus what the pros have to say, p. 179

Avoiding sneaky hotel fees, why to buy jeans now, and how to save on Halloween supplies. Plus, one man’s campaign against the penny, p. 189 


  • Your month-long weeknight meal planner. Shopping lists included, p. 200
  • How seven women keep their sanity amid busy morning routines, p. 212
  • Statement-making fall accessories to perk up your wardrobe, p. 220
  • Daphne Merkin looks at memory through her own (sometimes hazy) recollections of the past, p. 230
  • Smart strategies to get the laundry done and have time to spare, p. 236



  • Three easy pizzas, p. 247
  • A no-fail cheese party, p. 255
  • New and improved breakfasts, p. 265
  • Road Test: pasta sauce, p. 271
  • Make-ahead Halloween treats, p. 277
  • Fresh Pick: pears, p. 283
  • Nutritional Index, p. 285