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How Good Is That?, p. 47
Everyone wants quality, but sometimes recognizing it isn't so easy. How to be sure your bank, your sense of humor, your drinking water, and more are up to snuff.

101 New Uses For Everyday Things, p. 194
Love multitasking products? Just look around. Household staples like lemons, newspaper, and Ziploc bags are bursting with hidden uses.

The 24/7 Dining Room, p. 204
This often neglected room has much to offer―a big table, good lighting, lots of space. Why not make the most of your dining room all day long? Real Simple shows one family how.

Rise & Shine, p. 212
Many Americans don't get as much sleep as they should to look and feel their best. Here, strategies for getting your proper rest―and looking great even on the days you don't.

When Life Hands You Stale Bread...Make Dinner, p. 218
Dried-out bread isn't merely edible―it's the ideal building block for these four meals and two desserts.

Write It Down, p. 226
Lists help us remember our daily chores. For some women, they also serve as decoration, as memorabilia, and, of course, as the ultimate organizing tool.

The Guide


  • Umbrellas that weather the storms, p. 99
  • Comfortable, fashionable flats, p. 105
  • Spring skirts for every figure, p. 113


  • How to keep your bones strong, p. 121
  • Running: A moderate program can yield maximum health benefits, p. 129


  • Space-saving cosmetic pens and pencils, p. 137
  • Blow-dry your hair like a professional, p. 145


  • Talking to your parents―or your grown-up sons and daughters―about money, p. 155


  • The best easy-to-install showerheads, from rain-can to massage, p. 169

The Organizer

  • You know you bought a can of fire-roasted tomatoes...but where is it? With this guide to making your pantry orderly, clean, and pest-free, you'll always know, p. 179


New Uses For Old Things, p. 67
A mouthwash bottle soothes tired muscles; a dish towel produces perfect rice.

Healthy Habit, p. 69
How the right amount of sleep may help keep off excess weight.

Easy Upgrade, p. 70
Four ways to rev up chicken salad.

Modern Manners, p. 72
What to do when your friends' children are destroying your house.

Products of the Month, p. 74
A cooking-oil container that won't drip; a liquid soap with 18 uses.

Party Trick, p. 78
A vertical mirror makes a stylish tablecloth replacement.

Fake It, Don't Make It, p. 82
Broccoli Alfredo


Shopping List/Recipe Index, p. 236

Food, p. 239
A week's worth of quick, easy-to-fix dinners.

The Road Test, p. 251
The best supermarket dry pastas, plus how to make them taste just right.

The Staple, p. 257
Five great dishes that take off with soy sauce.


Thoughts, p. 12

Your Words,  p. 57
What is your best can't-fail beauty secret?

You Are What You Eat, 
p. 87
Novelist Jonathan Safran Foer on the complexities of choosing vegetarianism (sometimes).

Postscript,  p. 270
An excerpt from the memoir Makeovers at the Beauty Counter of Happiness, by Ilene Beckerman.

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  • Why Not?, p. 18
  • Contributors, p. 36
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