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By Real Simple
Updated March 26, 2014
Jens Mortensen

Thoughts, p. 10

The Simple List, p. 12

Editor’s Note, p. 27

Your Words

  • This Month’s Question, p. 29
    How do you make your house stay clean longer?
  • What to Read This Spring, p. 32
    What book will you pass down to your children?

The Realist

  • April at a Glance, p. 35
    Egg-ceptional Easter eggs
  • Worth Sharing, p. 36
    Monthly status updates from across the Web
  • New Uses for a Laptop Sleeve, p. 38
  • Beauty Boost, p. 40
    Double-lined eyes
  • Trend Worth Trying, p. 42
  • Real Simplifier, p. 44
  • Now What?!?, p. 48
    Smart solutions for life's little disasters
  • Fresh Pick, p. 50
  • Little Helpers, p. 52

Life Lessons

  • Good Read, p. 55
    Life Lessons Essay Contest winner Meloney Dunning shares the bravest—and most heart-wrenching—thing she’s ever done
  • Modern Manners, p. 61
    Catherine Newman on how to point out friends’ bad behavior tactfully
  • Expertise, p. 65
    Five job-interview mistakes to avoid

The Guide


  • The All-Star Arsenal, p. 71
    Industry pros reveal their most coveted cleaning products
  • Personal Shopper, p. 81
    Stylish and snooze-worthy (in a good way) bedside tables


  • Make Do and Mend, p. 89
    Step-by-step instructions for essential clothing repairs
  • 7 Pieces, 5 (Work) Outfits, p. 97
    Office-friendly items that you can endlessly mix and match


  • Pretty Smart, p. 105
    The latest beauty products and tips that save time, money, and your sanity
  • Parting Ways, p. 111
    Want to change your look effortlessly? Switch your part
  • Road Test, p. 118
    Cleansing brushes


  • Here Comes Trouble, p. 121
    How to handle bad influences at any age


  • What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health, p. 131
    Those dings, dents, and marks can reveal a lot
  • Something for the Pain, p. 137
    Everything you need to know about managing migraines


  • Happy at Work, p. 146
    Want to get more joy out of your job? These strategies will help
  • Moneywise, p. 153
    Common tax-return errors to avoid; the scoop on password protectors; pros and cons of refurbished electronics


  • A-to-Z Guide to Cleaning Almost Anything, p. 162
    Easy how-tos and clever shortcuts for dozens of household head-scratchers
  • Facials to Feast Upon, p. 170
    Effective at-home treatments inspired by the newest spa creations. (Cold clamshells, anyone?)
  • Old Barns, New Tricks, p. 176
    With hard work and a whole lot of patience, a married couple revitalize abandoned pieces of history


  • 6 Techniques to Make You a Better Cook, p. 184
    Delicious skills you can learn (and use!) tonight
  • Simply Sweet, p. 192
    Chocolate, toffee, and coconut matzo
  • Quick Takes, p. 194
    10 ideas for carrots
  • Road Test, p. 197
    Milk alternatives
  • Things Cooks Know, p. 202
    Simplifying strategies, techniques, and tips—from the Real Simple test kitchen to yours
  • Five Easy Dinners, p. 205
  • Nutritional Index, p. 217

Credits, p. 219
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10 Under $50, p. 222

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