Christopher Baker

The Classics

  • Many breakfast-cereal concoctions come and go (R.I.P., Donkey Kong Crunch; adios, Urkel-O’s). Then there are the beloved stalwarts―raisin bran, corn flakes, crispy rice―that will be breakfast staples forever. But which brands in these traditional categories are best? Real Simple testers ate their way through 42 boxes to find out.

High-fiber, Low-fat

  • Cereals touted for their nutritional profile can’t always make the same claim for taste. Real Simple staffers sampled 77 options―all containing at least three grams of fiber, no more than 10 grams of sugar, and less than two grams of fat, as recommended by Marilyn Tanner-Blasiar, a registered dietitian and an American Dietetic Association spokesperson. Here are the breakfast champions.

Kids'  Cereals

  • Remember when you loved visiting Susie Schumacher’s house because her mom bought “sugar” cereal? It’s still a special treat today. A panel of 32 elementary-school testers munched their way through 93 contenders, none exceeding 15 grams of sugar (the limit for registered dietitian Tanner-Blasiar). These picks hit the sweet spot.