Real Simple Paper Constructions

Since 2005, paper constructionist Matthew Sporzynski has filled the pages of Real Simple with his interpretations of everything from cupcakes to campgrounds. Check out these themed galleries of his awe-inspiring creations. (We don't know how he does it, either.)

Constructive Behavior

Paper Sculptures: The Four Seasons

Experience winter, spring, summer, and fall with these paper constructions by artist Matthew Sporzynski.

Paper Sculptures: Holidays

Celebrate every holiday from New Year's Eve to Christmas with these festive designs by artist Matthew Sporzynski.

Paper Sculptures: Travel

The next best thing to a real vacation: getting lost in these dreamy scenes by artist Matthew Sporzynski.

Paper Sculptures: Real Simple Covers

To mark Real Simple's 10th year in print, paper constructionist Matthew Sporzynski reimagined some of your favorite covers from years past. Here, the originals and the paper versions.


Crafty Ideas

Paper Sculptures: Flowers

Two reasons artist Matthew Sporzynski's paper petals are better than the real things: They're thorn-free and they last forever.

Paper Sculptures: Food

Artist Matthew Sporzynski covers culinary delights—from soup to nuts.