This hack will save you time this winter. 

By Erika Owen
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This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

If you live in a place where it snows for three or more months out of the year, you know that defrosting car windows is not just a slight inconvenience; it can become a time-consuming part of your morning routine.

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But Ken Weathers, a meteorologist for the WATE 6 news station in Tennessee, wants to make your winter mornings just a little bit more bearable.

Growing up in the Midwest, I know all of the tricks: turn your car on ten minutes before you plan on leaving, expensive defrost spray, buy one of those strange pairs of gloves that has an ice scraper built in. No one method is foolproof nor anywhere near seamless. But Weathers has a homemade solution that will only take you a minute to make—you probably already have the necessary ingredients—and will make defrosting your windows as easy as taking a lap around your car.

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Mix two-third parts of rubbing alcohol with one-third part of water. Put it in a spray bottle, and you’re set for the worst of winter months.

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Once this solution hits the window, the ice melts right away in seconds. Check out Weathers’ walk-through video and see just how fast it works:

Clearing frost solution

An EASY way to clear frost off your windshield if you have to park outside at night! (**Make sure all chemicals are labeled and kept away from small children in your home**)

Posted by WATE Ken Weathers on Tuesday, January 5, 2016