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Susie Cushner

Q. I have so many bracelets, and they keep getting tangled. Is there a better way to keep them organized?
Tracy Wadley
Winnemucca, Nevada

A. Choose one of the following methods to organize your jewelry.

  • Use clear plastic straws. Cut several straws in half, then feed single-strand bracelets (or necklaces) through them, one by one. Make sure a bit of each bracelet is hanging out of either end so that they can still be clasped shut. After fastening them, place the jewelry-filled straws in a drawer or a case so you’ll be able to spot your untangled pieces easily.
  • Pull unused teacups out of your cupboard. Put pretty teacups to decorative use by lining them on your bureau and putting bracelets in each. If you place more than a couple in one, dangle each bracelet over the edge so that they all stay separated.
  • Hang a key holder above your dresser. Declutter your space by draping bracelets over individual key hooks. Your jewelry box will have room for other trinkets, and your wall will be newly adorned.
  • Purchase an affordable jewelry organizer. Many online retailers carry jewelry holders that will prevent chains from becoming a hodgepodge. You can find everything from pouches to stands with decorative hooks. But whatever you buy should be practical, with individual compartments. One to try is the Stacking Bracelet & Watch Tray, a storage system with connecting pieces ($12 to $18, .
― Elinor Smith

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