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James Baigrie

Q. What can I do to remove static from my clothes and hair?
Patricia Gilbreath
Albertville, Alabama

A. Static occurs when electric charges accumulate on fabrics that are rubbing together, especially in a dry environment. To get rid of static from the get-go, throw a dryer sheet in the machine with clothing, or minimize fabrics' contact with one another by adding a few dryer balls. You could also try placing a damp washcloth or towel in the dryer with clothes, which will help keep the air from becoming too dry; use the lowest heat setting for about 10 minutes. If you still get a little static, try removing the clothes before they are completely dry. Warning: Do not try this with wool or wool-blend items, since overdrying these fabrics can lead to garment damage.

To get rid of cling on clothes you're wearing, especially those made of delicate fabrics like silk, glide a wire or metal hanger between your clothing and your body to remove the electric charge. Or rub a small amount of water or lotion on your hands and then lightly run them over your hair or legs to add a bit of moisture.

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