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Gemma Comas

Q. How do I know which eyeglass frames will complement my face?

A. First and foremost, you need to determine your face shape. “There is one rule when it comes to choosing the ideal frames for your face: Contrast the frame shape to your face shape,” advises Rene Soltis, an optician and a spokesperson for the Vision Council of America.

So if you have a round face made up mostly of soft curves, you’ll look best in angular or square frames. And if you have a more narrow or angular face (resembling a rectangle or a square), opt for rounded styles. If your face is heart shaped, try something delicate, like a wire or rimless style, to balance the narrowness of the chin. And for those with an oval face, you are free to experiment, since practically any style will suit you.

The key is to avoid duplication of shapes, because contrast is what creates emphasis and balances your features.

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