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How One Man Turned His Backyard Garden Into a Full-Fledged Community Farmers Market

When Jamiah Hargins grew too many lemons and herbs, he created an informal crop swap that has turned into an official farmers market in his Los Angeles community. 

How to Nurture Your Oldest Friendships

Because you can still be close in heart, no matter how many miles (or years!) separate you.

Author Ann Patchett Looks Back on Her Special 50-Year Friendship

Female friendship, the story goes, must be fraught with fighting and jealousy. Ann Patchett tells another story: one of a sweet, supportive bond that’s nearly 50 years strong.

Four People Explain Why They Moved Into Tiny Homes

Why would anyone ever move into a tiny home? We asked four people who have done it.

8 Smart Tips for Paying for College

A college degree can be affordable if you hatch a smart plan. (Extra credit for starting before high school.)

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At 50, I've Finally Realized It's OK to Say "I Don't Know"

One writer on the life lesson she's come to embrace over time.