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How One Man Turned His Backyard Garden Into a Full-Fledged Community Farmers Market

When Jamiah Hargins grew too many lemons and herbs, he created an informal crop swap that has turned into an official farmers market in his Los Angeles community. 
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Four People Explain Why They Moved Into Tiny Homes

Why would anyone ever move into a tiny home? We asked four people who have done it.
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We Tested 48 Different Ice Cream Toppings—These Are the 6 Best

We scooped, sprinkled, and drizzled our way through four dozen favorite fixings to build the sundae bar of your dreams.
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The Surprising Age When Your Self-Esteem Is Highest

According to a new study, your self-esteem peaks during a particular decade of your life.
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Who Needs Hygge When You Can Just Live Like Your Cat? Here's How.

Maybe the secret to happiness isn't coming from Denmark. It's right at your feet, shedding on your slippers.
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All the Questions I Struggle to Answer for My 4-Year-Old

When her young son started asking about everything from war to physics, Ashley Lefrak Grider had to confront what she didn't know.
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18 Encouraging Quotes From Famous Graduation Speeches That Still Ring True—No Matter How Old You Are

You don’t have to be a college senior to appreciate the wisdom, humor, and truth in these uplifting speeches. Here, the most encouraging quotes from famous grad speeches that apply to everyone, everywhere.
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