The 10 Secrets of One Unflappable Working Mother

Chances are, work-life balance is your most elusive goal. But it’s not impossible.

Give as Good as You Get

She starts Christmas shopping six months in advance; he begins his hunt with six hours to go. She’s thoughtful and deliberate; he’s wacky and random. How does the marriage of two markedly different Christmas shoppers stay merry and bright come holiday time? Kathryn and Colin Harrison unwrap their secrets.

5 Times to Go With Your Gut

Hellooo there, head! It’s me, your gut. Listen up: There are a few important situations in life when I deserve to be heard.

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My Father Supported My Career—Until He Didn't

When Emma Straub was a struggling novelist, her best-selling novelist father showered her with praise. But after her success began to rival his? That’s a different story (literally).

4 Meaningful Ways to Give Back

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Real Simple is partnering with four stellar organizations that transform lives—by educating kids, housing families, feeding the homebound, and saving animals.

10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorceproof

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A Witness to Grace

What was the most important day of your life? For one woman, it was a day in which she saw people respond to a devastating tragedy with selfless dignity. In this moving essay, the winner of the first Life Lessons contest, she recounts unforgettable acts of quiet courage..

Parenting a Child With a Disability

A powerful essay by Judith Scott, runner-up of the first Life Lessons essay contest.

Woman Versus Food

And you thought your kids were picky, with their breaded-food obsessions and unwillingness to eat anything green. Author Nicole Krauss reflects on her intense childhood battle with almost everything edible—and how she has come to terms with what’s on her plate.