This Discreet Exercise Mirror Saved My Fitness Routine in the Smallest Room I’ve Ever Lived In—and It’s $700 Off

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Lululemon Studio Mirror

Lululemon Studio Mirror

As a shopping writer, I’m often intrigued by the latest shiny device. As a type-A optimizer (uh, a Capricorn), I’m immediately drawn to anything that promises to improve my habits and efficiency. So when I received the chance to test the often-Instagrammed lululemon Studio Mirror, I jumped at the opportunity. 

As a recent resident of New York City, I’m unused to having such a tiny, cramped apartment, so an exercise mirror sounded appealing for its two-in-one capability: It serves as functional decor and provides me unlimited access to over 10,000 live and recorded workouts. As a bonus, it’s currently $700 off from its original price of $1,495, making it an even more palatable option for those in a similar shoebox. In a city bedroom, each inch of space is precious, and I refuse to devote any of it to a bulky, single-use exercise machine. And, despite squeezing myself into the space between my bed and my desk for a workout, I’m still able to get in tough, powerful exercise sessions, and then I use The Mirror to do my makeup or check my outfit, so I haven’t sacrificed my limited bedroom capacity at all.

Lululemon Mirror Basic

Lululemon Studio Mirror

To buy: $795 (was $1,495);

For me, the appeal of the lululemon Studio Mirror was in its flexibility. When I go to the gym, I have to devote an hour plus to a sweat session, but the friendly five and 10-minute classes on The Mirror persuade me to move my body even on days when I “don’t have the time.” Similarly, as the nights get colder and darkness envelops the city by 4pm, it’s much easier to plant myself in front of its sleek screen than it is to force myself out of the apartment in pursuit of a treadmill or HIIT class. 

The Mirror is a sophisticated piece of decor that looks striking even before considering its functionality—a must for me as a home writer. While white glove delivery is available, it’s important to note that The Mirror itself weighs about 70 pounds, so you’ll likely want to keep it wherever you initially install it (which can be mounted to or simply leaned against a wall).

When you power it on, The Mirror’s surface prompts you to pull up the accompanying lululemon Studio app, on which you can browse and select classes, queue a playlist, and more. The class you select with your membership (for $39 per month) is then mirrored (okay, I had to) by the larger surface, allowing you to view your instructor and yourself at the same time, along with your heart rate, total calories burned, and more. Before using The Mirror, I found that pulling up a class on my phone meant I struggled to maintain the same form and energy I would have in an in-person class—The Mirror avoided this pitfall, thanks to its immersive surface area and engaging features. On that note, although I prefer using The Mirror itself rather than my phone, I have access to the classes from anywhere via the app, a feature I’ve loved while traveling. 

New classes are uploaded daily, with live sessions you can tune into to sweat with members across the world. Considering my local gyms range from roughly $40 a month to well over $350—and studio classes themselves would cost me $25 apiece—the cost-per-use of this home gym system makes it well worth the spend. lululemon Studio Members also receive 10 percent off every lululemon purchase, free classes at select stores, and first access to any product drops. 

Lululemon Studio Mirror

Lululemon Studio Mirror

To buy: $200;

Using the lululemon Studio Mirror has also been a great opportunity to try new styles and genres of workouts that I’d normally be intimidated by, especially now that lululemon has partnered with boutique fitness brands across the country including AARMY, AKT, Y7 Studio, Dogpound, Forward Space, Rumble, Pure Barre, and YogaSix. If you would like to attend any of the in-person classes on occasion, you’ll receive a discount thanks to your membership. I loved being able to challenge myself in the comfort of my own home and build my confidence. One of the partner classes actually ended up being my favorite: Forward Space’s conditioning class with bubbly trainer Caitlin R.

With over 60 workout styles to choose from, The Mirror occupies a sweet spot between consistency and novelty. It’s easy to access, making it that much more likely I’ll move my body on a regular basis, but its vast library of classes and expert instructors make me excited to show up. Similarly, it’s motivating to see each class’s impact on my health score—a calculation including heart rate, muscle usage, and recovery time. lululemon Studio also offers connected accessories, like smart ankle weights, dumbbells, and a heart monitor that pair seamlessly to The Mirror to more accurately track your performance.

Get moving, and double your personal space, with the lululemon Studio Mirror, available now for $795.

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