I’m Training for the NYC Marathon, and These Comfortable Lululemon Sneakers Have Made It Easier

They’re called “Blissfeel” for a reason.

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I recently made the decision to begin training for a marathon. In my family, it’s a rite of passage: Nearly every family member has done one, and this year, my sister and I have signed up to run 26.2 miles in New York City this November. Send prayers. First order of business? A solid pair of running shoes to keep me company.

I wanted a shoe that would feel entry-level to me, like I had never run at all, to solidify my habit after an extended break from the sport—but that would also feel supportive and satisfying months into my training regimen when I would be treating myself like a hardcore athlete. While I was a longtime fan of Lululemon’s activewear, I’d never tried their shoes before. The brand kindly offered to allow me to try out a sample of the Blissfeel 2, an updated version of its popular running sneaker. Available in nine colorful styles in sizes ranging from women’s 5 to 12, the Blissfeel sneaker is designed to, uh, feel blissful.

Lululemon Blissfeel 2 Women's Running Shoe


To buy: $148; lululemon.com.

Pre-pandemic, I was a slow yet avid runner, relishing the high as an evening wind-down activity that made me feel accomplished regardless of how my day had gone. Unfortunately, quarantine burned me out on the sport. After a year or two of other exercise—dancing, CrossFit, virtual classes—I returned to my running routine worried about the exhaustion and the toll that getting back up to speed, both figuratively and literally, would take on me. Picking the right gear was more important than ever in bolstering my confidence.

This sneaker is crafted around a woman’s foot, a significant difference from brands who just “shrink and pink” a men’s shoe. The shape is based on 1 million Volumental foot scans (a 3D FitTech data platform) plus 4 years of research and development from Lululemon. The brand also offers a 30-day fit test, meaning that you can run in the shoes for a full month and send them back, no questions asked, if they’re not for you. 

The Blissfeel 2 is considered a neutral everyday running shoe made to fit a wide variety of users, from the ultra-marathoner to the casual “fine, I’ll go to running club, but I’m only doing two miles if we get a beer afterwards” jogger. A durable and segmented outsole lasts for road running, ideal for runners like me who prefer sidewalks and pavement. While the fit itself feels slim and light, I love that the tuned foam cushioning feels as airy as my thick, chunky walking shoes; while some runners prefer to “connect to the ground,” I want to literally forget that I am moving my body. Since I’m getting back into the activity, the first runs hurt. 

The heel cup aspect of the Blissfeel 2 sneaker is perhaps the strongest factor in its success as a running shoe; it cradles your foot in a way that reduces impact on your soft tissue, akamakes the run less painful. The updated upper of the Blissfeel 2 extends across your foot for a “seamless” fit which contours to your foot, while a midfoot panel helps improve your stability. The end result? A women-centric running shoe that reduces some of the pain points of running, and got me to actually enjoy getting “back into it” without as much dread.

Whether you’re a newbie runner, a reborn newbie (like me), or couldn’t imagine making it through the week without forty miles under your belt, the Lululemon Blissfeel 2 running sneaker was made for you. They’re simple, sleek, comfortable, and look good for everyday wear too. I find myself reaching for them as my default shoes, and I’ve gotten so many compliments while running errands and lounging with friends. 

Shop the Blissfeel 2 sneaker at Lululemon to experience this bliss for yourself.

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