Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel's 5 Fave Pieces From Her Lulu and Georgia Collab

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Lulu and Georgia outdoor furniture, white cushioned outdoor sofa, chair, and coffee table

Lulu and Georgia

Looking for some unique pieces to take your home to the next level? Then don’t miss Lulu and Georgia’s most recent collaboration with interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. This collection isn't a small collaboration covering just a category or two—there's furniture and decor for nearly every room in the house. Choose from extra-stylish furniture essentials for the bedroom and living room, one-of-a-kind decor items, plush pillows, and vintage-inspired curtains. There’s even fabric by the yard. 

"The thing I love about collaborating with Lulu and Georgia is that they give me complete freedom. There’s the mutual trust and history we have together that makes designing for them such a dream," the designer says.

Samuel follows a distinct process for the creation of each piece big and small—beginning with a hand-drawn sketch. “I always keep a sketchbook. I have about five or so going at any one time,” the designer explains. “For example, with the fabrics, I did some sketching and painting, then I brought the patterns into digital form.”

Here’s everything you need to know about this incredible home decor launch, as well as Samuel’s tips on how to style everything together. 

Wooden scallop bench with white upholstered cushion and black metal legs

Lulu and Georgia

While there are many standout pieces in the collection, Samuel’s personal favorite piece is the Rise Bench ($1,298, Ideal for the foot of the bed or an entryway, the scalloped edge and mixed materials have an equally on-trend yet timeless look. It’s a true statement piece that works in both minimalist to maximalist spaces. 

Lulu and Georgia Rust Colored velvet stool

Lulu and Georgia

Samuel also loves the Clover Stool ($598, Available in Loden Velvet and Rust colors, this unique shape is a true showstopper and makes a perfect addition to most modern living rooms. This stool is exceptionally smart for smaller homes and condos, where there might not be a lot of room for extra seating.  

Lulu and Georgia black metal candle holder

Lulu and Georgia

Even if you aren’t in the market for new furniture right now, this line has plenty of things that can give a tired space an easy refresh. These items also make thoughtful gifts. Samuel is a big fan of the candle holder ($44, She tells me, “I’m on a candleholder kick lately., so that’s one of my favorite decor pieces. I like that you can use them on their own, but then also put multiples of them together to really create a larger candelabra moment.”

Lulu and Georgia Scallop Earthenware Vases in two sizes

Lulu and Georgia

Another one of the designer's picks is the Scallop Vase ($294, “It’s a substantial size and I could see it styled on an entryway table with large branches, or on the kitchen island as a big statement piece.” Love the vase, but don’t have extra room for it? There’s a short version of this earthenware beauty also available. 

Lulu and Georgia pillows with stripes and animal print patterns on bench

Lulu and Georgia

Samuel intentionally designed every piece in this collection to mix and match, so every space feels like it has a true designer's touch. “With the fabrics, drapery, wallpaper, and pillows—we made it somewhat foolproof to be able to mix patterns without it looking too over the top. I’d love to see the Ivory Tiger Wallpaper with the ivory and black linen printed drapery, and then with maybe the Hi-Lo Checkerboard Pillows.

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