This Editor-Loved Alarm Clock Is Finally Marked Down With a Rare Cyber Monday Deal

I always needed multiple alarm clocks to wake up—until I tried the Loftie Clock.

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I’ve always had a hard time waking up in the morning. Even when I went to bed early and got a solid eight hours of shuteye, I found myself oversleeping and accidentally snoozing through alarms. At one point, I was using a Philips sunrise clock, the radio on my Amazon Echo, and my iPhone’s built-in alarms to no avail. I was almost ready to accept that this is just how my life would be—until I got the Loftie Clock.

I’d seen ads for this smart alarm clock pop up on my Instagram feed, but it took me a while to actually purchase it. I was originally waiting for a sale, but I ended up buying it at full price. It was a bit more than I was hoping to spend on an alarm clock that might not prevent me from oversleeping—but after it woke me up immediately for a few days in a row, I realized it was 100 percent worth the price. Luckily, the Loftie Clock is finally on sale for Cyber Monday 2022, so you can get it for up to 25 percent off right now. 

Though the alarm clock is on sale at Amazon and on the brand’s site, the discount on Amazon is exclusive to Prime members, but if you aren’t a member yet, you can still sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deal. You’ll also get access to the other benefits of membership, such as free two-day shipping and access to books, movies, and shows.

Loftie Alarm Clock


To buy: $112 (was $149); and

I’ve been using this alarm clock for nearly five months straight now, and I can attest that it has completely transformed my morning routine. It uses a genius two-phase alarm system that starts with 30 seconds of pleasant sounds to gently wake you up, followed by more energizing sounds to actually get you up nine minutes later. It’s easy to snooze whenever I need a few extra minutes of sleep, too.

I love that it’s a gentle yet effective way to wake up, without the need for jarring sounds, annoying beeps, or multiple devices. Plus, I no longer stress about oversleeping on nights when I have an early wake-up call the next day. 

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There are so many other nice features of the Loftie Clock. It has an adjustable night light, which I like to keep on 24/7. I love that I can set multiple alarms at once, with separate settings for weekdays and weekends. There’s even the option to customize both alarm sounds and the volume via the app, which is nice for people who like to switch it up. The clock also has guided meditations, sound baths, and bedtime reminders, although I personally don’t use them very often. 

But like any product, this one doesn’t come without its flaws. It requires a WiFi connection, and I’ve had a couple of instances where my app couldn’t sync with my clock—but rebooting the device and re-connecting to WiFi did the trick. (That said, even when I had sync issues, my alarm still went off in the morning and I was able to change the settings directly on the clock if needed).

Loftie Alarm Clock


To buy: $119 (was $149); and

Since getting my Loftie Clock over the summer, I’ve been able to completely get rid of all of my other alarm devices because this one is so much more effective. It takes up way less space than all of those other alarm clocks combined, and it looks cuter on my nightstand, too.

Head to Amazon or Loftie to snag this editor-loved alarm clock while it’s still up to 25 percent off for Cyber Monday.

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