My Favorite Alarm Clock Brand Just Launched a Coordinating Sunrise Lamp—and It’s Now 25% Off

Your New Year’s Resolution just got easier.

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Loftie Clock


We vow it every year: This will be the year when we put away our phones, dedicate ourselves to our nighttime routines, and get a solid eight hours of sleep. But then work runs late. We scroll for far too long. Oops! It’s 11 p.m. and the blue light still has us wired. Enter: the Loftie Clock—which is currently on sale now for 20 percent (or 25 percent if you spend over $200) off—to salvage your New Year’s Resolution.

Loftie built its sleek, modern alarm clock on two core features promising to improve your sleep hygiene, billing it as a “smart sleep assistant.” The first goal? Getting the phone out of the bedroom by providing a vast library of sound baths, meditations, bedtime stories, and even breathwork exercises to soothe you to sleep without added stimulation.

Better yet, the Loftie collection is constantly updating. Your Loftie syncs regularly with new programming, meaning you’re not locked into a short rotation of pings and noises, and it uses a two-alarm system to get you up. One sound gently rouses you from sleep, while the second wakes you for good. And if you burn out on your alarm sounds four months in, you’ll have plenty of new ones to discover. This programming keeps the Loftie feeling fresh rather than tired, which allows you to feel less tired with consistent use. 

Loftie Clock


To buy: $119 (was $149);

I got the Loftie clock as a sample for review about a year and a half ago, and still use it every day. I remain impressed by the density of its helpful features. In addition to its soundscapes, it’s packed with a sleep timer, speaker function, companion app (complete with the ability to set your alarm remotely), nightlight, and more. The clock arrives with multiple adapters for travel, and it’s small enough to fit in the corner of my suitcase—which I have taken advantage of on multiple occasions, toting it on moves and even on vacation. It’s available with black or white accents, and looks sophisticated and understated on any bedside table. While I primarily adore falling asleep to the naturescapes, the Loftie Clock provides one of the few meditation sessions I’m actually able to follow.

Recently, the brand also launched an accompanying dimming lamp, which syncs to your alarm clock so the lighting always fits your purpose. For example, red light signals to your body when it’s time to wind down, while a gradual sunrise feature can gently wake you in the morning. The Loftie Lamp, available on sale for 25 percent off, has multiple light modes to accompany your circadian rhythms, including color changes and a “reading mode” that’s friendly on the eyes—for that New Year’s Resolution to read more too

Loftie Lamp


To buy: $206 (was $275);

After the Lamp was announced, I kept refreshing the Loftie website hoping for a launch date, and ultimately reached out to the brand hoping to evaluate its compatibility with my alarm. Once I tested my sample of the Lamp, I was immediately smitten in the same way I was with the Clock: impressed from the get-go, becoming more loyal to it with each use. The Loftie sleep system (the clock and the lamp combined) wins me over each morning and relaxes me each evening. It’s regulated my routine in a way I appreciate, so the price feels fair for its consistent improvement of my sleep hygiene. The main reason why I recommend the Loftie so frequently is that I only have to purchase each item once, knowing its features will continually get better thanks to the team’s consistent software improvements. 

For those new to the magic of an alarm clock over a phone alarm, I recommend springing for the Loftie Clock first. Upgrade to the lamp when you realize how much of a difference the gentle wake ups and wind downs make in your alertness levels. If dramatic changes or purchases inspire you to stick with your new habits, then by all means, the system is worth the buy.

In case you waver on your New Year’s Resolution, Loftie offers free shipping and a 60-day trial—but getting better sleep will make your 2023 infinitely healthier. Head to Loftie to shop the much-beloved Loftie Clock and Loftie Lamp while they’re on sale.

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