This Weighted Razor Gave Me a Shave So Smooth, I’m Never Going Back

Each refill blade is only 50 cents.

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Kitsch Safety Razor Review

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I’m not picky about razors, but maybe I should be. Whether it’s a myth or reality, I started using men’s razors to shave because I heard they were more effective—and because they tended to be far less expensive than the women’s equivalent thanks to a little phenomenon called the pink tax. In adulthood, I started taking the disposable razors that my gym provided home with me. Razor bumps? A given. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

So when Kitsch asked me to try out its Perfect Glide Safety Razor, I was willing to give it a shot—but was convinced I’d go back to my freebies when given the chance. But here’s what made me pause: the 10-pack of refills is only $5, as opposed to the more expensive women’s razor prices I was used to. That’s only 50 cents a razor! If it made a significant difference in my beauty routine, this was the price that would make it worth the tradeoff. Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly and plastic-free, which is one of my personal shopping values for necessities. According to the brand, Americans threw out over 385 million plastic razors into the landfill in 2021.

Perfect Glide Safety Razor


To buy: $29;

The Perfect Glide Safety Razor itself is $29 to start, including a metal razor handle, five blades, and a protective cap. First of all, I dig the clay pink aesthetic, a near-terracotta shade that looks stunning against my shower. The razor itself is heavier due to its stainless steel construction, which actually goes a long way in making its quality feel elevated. The extra-long handle even makes it easier to maneuver. Since my definition of luxury is something that improves a daily ritual, this type of upgrade was very up my alley at first glance.

The Kitsch razor is a safety razor, meaning a single blade juts out from the side rather than sitting on top of its head. You install and swap out the blades yourself, which was much easier than I’d anticipated. Simply screw off the metal top of the razor, press the (skinny) blade into the grooves, and reattach the top.

The brand advised me before I tried out the Perfect Glide Safety Razor that it would have a bit of a learning curve (literally). Instead of simply pressing against your leg the way you would with a regular cartridge razor, you should use a 30-degree angle and slide your way up or down with very little pressure. Since I’m tall—5’10 to be exact—I decided to start with my underarms, as there was significantly less surface area to recover should I end up slicing myself up on the first attempt.

And…easy. I didn’t cut myself accidentally. The weighted quality made it so much easier to snag all the hairs on the first attempt, to the extent that I stopped and stared at it for a minute. I’m also used to running my razor blade under the shower to de-clog it as I go, but with this design, I wasn’t sure I needed to. When I shaved my legs, I used the Shave Butter, a solid bar of soap, which had a rich lather that I appreciated. The formula is free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, and artificial fragrance—and it replaces the equivalent of two bottles of shaving cream.

Shave Butter


To buy: $9;

The next day, I didn’t have a spattering of razor bumps or ingrown hairs post-shave the way I was used to. I even loved the little pink rubbery cap I could stick back on the razor when finished to protect the blade from rusting over time. The brand recommends that you wipe it and store it in a dry place, but I’m keeping mine in my shower sill the same way I’ve done for years. Time will tell if that reduces its efficacy. 

Kitsch also recommends that you swap the blade each time you shave, which I’m just now realizing as I write this review, as I have not and it’s worked well regardless. In fairness, I don’t shave too often in winter as I’m normally wearing long sleeves and leggings, so I’d be curious how its frequency and durability stack up in the summertime when I take to it more often. The blades themselves are 100 percent recyclable upon disposal.

Better yet, I loved the feel and experience of using a weighted razor. At this price point, it’s an easy enough switch for me that feels both sustainable and luxurious. I love the way it looks in my shower, and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel after several weeks of use. I’ll never need to shove a handful of gym razors into my bag again. Join me in the switch and purchase the Perfect Glide Safety Razor for just $29. (Oh, and you can subscribe and save for a 10 percent discount!)

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