This Palm Springs-Inspired Decor Collection Is a Maximalist's Dream Come True

Joybird worked with designer Dani Dazey on this colorful collab.

Joybird Dani Dazey collection, colorful patterned sofa in colorful living room with art on the wall


If you love color and pattern, get ready to redecorate, because Joybird just launched a collection with designer Dani Dazey that’s a maximalism lover’s dream. With a vintage Palm Springs vibe, it is a true reflection of the bold designer's talent.

If the name Dani Dazey sounds familiar, it’s because the fashion and interior designer starred alongside Trixie Mattel in a show for Discovery+ that documented their design of the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs, California. 

Joybird's collaboration is maximalism at both its finest and its most accessible. Here’s what you need to know about the launch, as well as some of Dazey’s best ideas for creating vibrant designs in any room of the house.

Joybird x Dani Dazey

This line features two vibrant fabric choices. In a soft chenille texture, Sunny Chevy has a '70s-inspired aesthetic with a floral motif featuring a marigold and orange chevron print. This fabric is available on four different pieces—a throw pillow, a midcentury-inspired accent chair, a sofa, and an ottoman. 

Deco Peacock has classic Palm Springs style, with pink and green scalloping on plush velvet. Like Sunny Chevy, there are four pieces to choose from: a throw pillow, chaise sectional, bed, and swivel chair.  

Best of all, you don’t need to travel to Palm Springs or hit up a local estate sale to buy any of these fabulous pieces. 

Peacock feather green and pink pattern sofa chaise lounge


Dazey’s Picks

If you can only have one piece from the collection, the designer suggests going with a sofa. “I’m torn between the two couches! The texture of the Sunny Chevy fabric is phenomenal and unlike anything I’ve seen on a sofa. I love that it really feels like a vintage 1970s piece,” she says. “On the other hand, Deco Peacock is perhaps my favorite print I’ve ever designed. So, if I have to choose, the Deco Peacock Diane Modular Chaise Sectional ($3,739, is my favorite. The shape of the couch mixed with the print is total perfection. It’s everything I love about good design—a unique silhouette, stunning color story, and classy yet playful.” Check, check, and check!

Joybird Dani Dazey Patterned Throw Pillow


How to Embrace Maximalism, the Easy Way

New to creating maximalist looks? Dazey says it's best to start small and then go for more. “One easy way to introduce maximalism to your home is to paint or wallpaper an accent wall. You don’t have to go wild with every wall right off the bat. Choosing a focal wall can really transform a space.”

Not quite ready to commit? There's nothing easier than adding a few throw pillows from the line to a sofa ($129 for 2,

Deco Peacock Dania Bed, pink and green pattern


Dazey’s Favorite Design Tricks

If you’re trying to create a striking look, Dazey says to stick to a color scheme and use it as many times as possible in a room. “I often start with one thing I love, maybe a rug or piece of art, and then build from that. Make sure you distribute those colors throughout the room so it looks intentional and woven together," she explains.

Choosing one large statement piece is another way to go, she says. “Venture out of your comfort zone and add a statement piece of furniture to center the room around. For example, the Joybird x Dani Dazey Sunny Chevy Daya Modular Sofa or the Deco Peacock Dania Bed ($1,639, are perfect statement pieces. They’re bold, unique, and conversation starters!”

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