These Are the Top Jewelry Trends for 2023, According to Etsy

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The right jewelry can truly transform any outfit, whether it's a cocktail dress for a big event or a casual t-shirt and a blazer for work. It’s also fair to say no one knows this better than Etsy users. While the online marketplace sells everything from handmade furniture to dresses—the platform has seen a 595-percent increase in jewelry searches in recent months. So what will be the biggest jewelry trends of 2023? Here’s what Etsy is predicting.

Etsy Pearl Drop Earrings on person


Drop Earrings Are the New Hoops

Etsy's data showed there was a 16-percent decrease in search for hoop earrings. On the flip side, there was a surge in searches for various types of drop earrings, including a 37-percent increase in search for dangle drop earrings and an 11-percent increase for pearl drop earrings

There are so many different styles of drop earrings to choose from, such as elegant designs with crystals and gemstones that dangle just below the ear lobe to bolder styles that practically skim the shoulders. There's a pair of drop earrings for just about everyone. 

Dark purple flower chocker necklace


Flower Chokers Are Everywhere

Chokers have come back in a big way in recent years, but flower chokers have specifically seen a major increase in searches on Etsy, with a 91-percent boost.

It’s easy to understand why. These '90s-inspired accessories have been seen everywhere from the runway to the necks of celebrities and influencers. Versatile for casual as well as more formal looks, they instantly elevate an outfit.  

Take this Brown Vintage Flower Choker, for example. The size of the flower and the length of the ribbon give it a bold look at a great price.

Moss Agate Ring with gemstones


Free-Spirited Style Makes a Comeback

The free-spirited look is going haute this year with a more sophisticated vibe. Likely influenced by the ‘mermaidcore’ trend, Etsy has seen a 184-percent rise in searches for moss agate jewelry. Searches for seashell necklaces also went up 23 percent. 

Ariel would definitely approve—especially with this rose gold ring with a moss agate stone and cowrie shell necklace.

Baguette-style tennis bracelet


Statement Arms Score an A+

Bracelets are going bold in 2023, with statement pieces getting a big boost. There was a 67-percent increase in searches for handmade bracelets. Searches for chain bracelets were also up by 26 percent. 

Tennis bracelets, including this chic baguette-style one, scored some extra love with 16 percent more searches.

Birthstone Signet Ring


Nostalgic Jewelry Is Back In

It turns out that adults can have just as much fun wearing novelty jewelry as kids can. One of the most surprising findings of the report was that there was a jaw-dropping 1,188-percent increase in searches for birthstone signet rings

Not into birthstones? What about a Y2K bracelet instead? With a 57-percent increase in searches for these types of bracelets, it's further proof the '90s look is here to stay. 

Shiny Gemstone Earrings


Ear Stacking Stacks Up

One thing that was not a surprise in the Etsy report is the trend of ear stacking (aka, wearing multiple earrings on one lobe), which has been going strong for several years now. In recent months, there was a 16-percent increase in searches for stack earrings and a 100-percent increase in searches for clip-on earrings. So, even if you don’t have an ear full of piercings, Etsy can help you fake the look. 

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