I Swapped My Blotting Papers and Powders for This Reusable Oil Absorbing Tool, and I'm Never Looking Back

Nix the wasteful single-use mattifying papers for good.

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Blotter Baby Mattifying Roller

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Whether I wear makeup or not, my T-zone gets out of hand in the oil department. Even though I tend to have dry patches along my chin, you can bet that my T-zone is shining bright, so blotting papers have been a staple in my purse and beauty bag—until now. The single-use aspect of blotting sheets concerned me, and blotting powders typically wind up feeling heavy on my skin.

My search for a sustainable swap guided me to Jenny Patinkin's eco-luxe tools, and I immediately fell for the ultra-adorable Blotter Baby Mattifying Roller. The device is powered by a mineral-rich limestone clay ball that absorbs excess oil. And considering that I normally spend $10-plus on a pack of oil-absorbing tissues, the $22 price tag for the reusable roller was perfect for me.

Jenny Patinkin Blotter Baby Mattifying Roller


To buy: $22; jennypatinkin.com and saksfifthavenue.com.

The first time I used the Blotter Baby, I noticed a slight chalky residue on the ball, so I swiped it onto a tissue to remove it, and I haven't had the issue since. The genius little tool fits in the palm of my hand, so it's easy to stash in my purse, makeup bag, and even my pocket. Whenever I feel my T-zone getting too shiny, I immediately whip it out without even using a mirror and roll it over my trouble spots. It keeps the oil at bay without disturbing my makeup or leaving any chalky grit behind, unlike other oil-nixing rollers I've tried in the past.

What I like best about the mattifying tool is the fact that I can use it over and over again indefinitely. Plus, it feels like a little self-care moment whenever I pull it out and roll it over the contours of my face.

Jenny Patinkin recommends washing the limestone clay ball as much as possible because the cleaner it is, the more effective it will be. Just twist the white ring to the right, and it releases the stone ball. Then you can wash it with warm water and mild soap. It dries relatively fast, so you can pop the ball back into the device afterward. I wash mine once or twice a week since I use it almost daily, and it still works like new.

If you're ready for an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful blotting papers, give Jenny Patinkin's Blotter Baby Mattifying Roller a try.

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