These Champagne Glasses Look Like Luxury Stemware—Without the Price Tag

Snag a set of four for just $37.

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Terre Handblown Crystal Champagne Glasses Tout

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When I moved to Hawaii in August 2020, I rebuilt my material culture entirely. I had two or three suitcases, a mail-order mattress on the way, and nothing else. As I replenished my home and kitchen items via Costco, I considered what (on a limited budget) would get me the most bang for my buck in terms of experience. I relied heavily on Italic, a made-at-cost marketplace specializing in mimicking luxury items, for my few high quality purchases. When I eventually left, I wouldn’t be able to take it all with me, so I needed to prioritize and live minimally. One of the purchases that stayed? The Terre Handblown Crystal Champagne Glasses.

Terre Handblown Crystal Champagne Glasses


To buy: $37 for four;

I’m a big believer in rituals of celebration—plus, sparkling wine just happens to be my favorite alcoholic beverage. For big wins, family announcements, birthdays, and holidays, I wanted to be able to raise a toast in a glass that wasn’t a mason jar or plastic cup. Italic’s “without the label” business model  uses the same manufacturers as luxury brands but prices its goods at-cost, making it an ideal solution for evoking an aesthetic lifestyle without incurring the price tag. These glasses are created by the makers behind Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma versions.

I personally adore the angled elegance of a tapered silhouette for a champagne glass. These lead-free, handblown beauties are also dishwasher-safe: a must for my early 20s and any household with roommates (or children). 

The size of each flute was fantastic. I tend to prefer really narrow flutes (purely visually), and these captured that look while still being large enough to fit a healthy amount. You could even use them for champagne-based cocktails if you’d like. I loved the weight of the glass in my hand as I drank, as it’s a great mix of light and sturdy, and never stopped admiring them. The Terre Handblown Crystal Champagne Glasses are tall, another preference of mine, but you should keep this in mind if you plan to store in cabinets rather than a bar cart or top shelf.

The glasses are soda-lime reinforced, meaning that the oxides have better durability, and you’re supposedly less likely to shatter them. While I’m personally super careful with my wine glasses (yes, I hand-wash and leave upside-down on a kitchen towel to dry!), my roommates were a little less so. Unfortunately, I lost a glass or two, but after enough uses, I still felt they were worth the spend. 

These would make a stellar gift for significant others, parents, engagement parties, and more. Better yet, you can toast the occasion together as soon as you unbox them. Fundamentally, they elevate your drinking experience and your kitchen collection. Nobody will ever know they’re not high-end.

If you’re looking to bolster your glassware collection with a more inexpensive version of a luxurious look, opt for this set of four Terre Handblown Crystal Champagne Glasses from Italic for just $37. I loved them so much that I re-bought the set when I moved.

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