An IKEA Designer Told Us All the Trends We Should Know About for 2023

Plus, simple tips for how to execute them in your home.

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colorful ikea living room

IKEA is the destination for practical home design. The retailer's offerings are more tailored to needs than wants, with its strengths in clever storage items, small-space solutions, and budget-friendly, functional furniture for every corner of the house. However, IKEA doesn't exist in a vacuum isolated from design trends. While you can find a good amount of the same inventory year after year, the retailer does a number of seasonal collections with designers that reflect more of-the-moment pieces. And, if you scroll through vintage IKEA products, you'll find results that showcase the evolution of trends throughout the decades, while staying true to that signature Scandinavian style.

So, while you may just think of IKEA as the place for affordable furniture or the launching pad for your next DIY project—it's also a great place to learn about and stay on top of trends (in moderation). To learn more about which trends are influencing IKEA's inventory—and, subsequently, our homes—we spoke with Kimberly Madeya, interior design leader for IKEA U.S. She told us about the major trends that are already reflected in the retailer's offerings, the trends that have the most staying power, and the trends that we can expect to see taking off and evolving in 2023.

Textured Materials

With the continuing trend toward creating maximal coziness at home, we've already seen the incorporation of more soft and inviting textures in interior design. However, adding texture to the home doesn't stop at chunky knit blankets and boucle furniture. "An increased desire for tactile moments is satisfied through a variety of textured materials," Madeya says. You can create more depth and interest in your space through traditional means, she explains, by layering textiles such as a velvet cushion with a fringed throw. Or, you can look to other items that you may not have typically considered. For example, "Curate a collection of smoked and textured glass items with mood lighting for an impactful display," she says.


two ikea lamps

Sculptural Lighting

Lighting is often considered more for its function than its form, but it can make a major difference in both the way a space looks and feels. "Sculptural lighting turns function into art and evokes emotion," Madeya says. She points to IKEA's recent VARMBLIXT collection by designer Sabine Marcelis, which explores the emotional effects of light at home. "It's designed to inspire a new interest in how light can transform the look, feel and atmosphere of our homes, as well as having a positive impact on how we feel," Madeya says. She recommends adding a sculptural lighting piece to an unexpected place in your home to elevate the design. (An added benefit to wall art that doubles as lighting? You can turn off the overhead lights and create a cozier home environment.)


Circle Wall Lamp

Curved Shapes

Wall arches and curved furniture has been trending for a while now, as interior design moves away from harsh edges and stern lines toward more organic shapes. This trend can be seen in lots of IKEA's current inventory, and that'll likely be the case for a while. "Furniture and accessories with curved shapes bring an easy flow and visual calmness to any space," Madeya says. "When you visually connect items through shape it allows you more room to play with color and texture.

Introducing curved pieces at different scales can create a pulled-together look, Madeya adds. For example, you can add modern, rounded chairs to contrast a simple, rectangular table in the dining room, or add a large modular sofa to add softness to a living room that feels too boxy.


Curved dining chairs

At-Home Wellness

Madeya says creating spaces that promote wellness at home will continue to be a priority in the coming year (and hopefully forever). "Rituals around daily self care and mindful moments can be elevated through small touches that support the activity," she explains. "For instance, a cozy corner with some extra cushions, a candle, and a few plants makes an inviting spot to encourage a morning meditation routine." IKEA's recent collection with Marimekko, which was inspired by nature and the Nordic sauna, is right in line with this trend.

Quality-of-Life Tech

An extension to the trend of promoting at-home wellness is the integration of innovative technology that can improve our quality of life in various different ways. "The increased desire to spend more time at home, including working from home and hosting small gatherings, has many focused on creating a home that promotes wellbeing in a seamless way," Madeya says. "The trend of integrated tech, such as speakers and air purification, will continue to evolve with our understanding of a healthy life at home."

IKEA's new picture frame speakers are a great example of functional technology that can add to enjoyment in a space, without breaking up the existing design of the home.

SYMFONISK Picture Frame with Wi-Fi Speaker

Ikea picture frame speaker hanging above bed

Warm Tones

Madeya says warmer tones, in either a dark or light expression, "will continue to take over where cool tones once ruled, creating a softer, welcoming aesthetic." You can follow suit in your own home by making some small yet thoughtful changes to your space. "If you want to make the switch to warmer tones but have a lot of gray, or have large pieces you aren’t ready to replace, start by layering warm-toned textiles and bringing in lighting, rugs, or smaller storage items in natural materials," she says.  

Bold Color and Patterns

As all-gray, minimalistic spaces trend downward, brighter, more playful colors are becoming more and more accepted. Madeya expects this trend toward bolder colors and patterns "will continue to bring joy and optimism in our homes" throughout 2023. "If your space is currently neutral and you want to embrace bright colors, you can achieve this in a visually balanced way by changing out a few art prints, updating cushions and throws, and adding a brightly colored rug," she says. "You can still layer over a neutral base so the space does not feel overwhelming."  

Individualized Spaces

No more cookie-cutter interiors that look just like everyone else's. The shift to individualizing our spaces will continue, Madeya says—and it's somewhat of an anti-trend. "It’s not about pulling an entire ‘look’ together in a day, but instead curating your space over time to tell a visual story of who you are and what you love," she says. Individualizing your space involves selecting pieces that will be timeless reflections of you in your home, so that your style shows through, even if you swap some things out with the passing trends.


Everything old is new again. We're constantly seeing this ring true in fashion, whether we like it or not, as selected styles from the '90s, and more recently, early 2000s, have made their way back to the mainstream. "Fashion trends are influencing our life at home by inspiring a sense of nostalgia, mixing old with new in unexpected ways," Madeya says. "Just like in fashion, upcycling is a way that people are bringing in the old, or vintage, and making it new again." She adds that IKEA's Buy-Back & Resell service allows customers to retire their old furniture and give it a new home.

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