IKEA's Latest Collection Is Perfect for Summer Entertaining

Nine Latin American creatives collaborated on this collection to celebrate the joy of socializing at home.

colorful kitchen interior


As the weather gets warmer, we're gearing up for busier social calendars and more at-home entertaining. Whether you're a natural-born host with a penchant for flair or tend to keep things sweet and simple, it's nice to have items on hand that make hosting feel more special. IKEA's recent ÖMSESIDIG collection, which celebrates the culture of Latin America and the joy of socializing at home, offers a number of these items, from decorative lanterns to playful snack bowls.

The collection was made in collaboration with nine Latin American creatives, and one of the designers, Trini Guzmán, shared with us what makes this collection especially significant. "We started working on this collection in 2020 while we were all in lockdown, isolated at home during the pandemic," the muralist and multi-disciplinary artist from Chile says. "This project was like a light in the horizon, because in the midst of the uncertainty, we could dream of getting together again with friends and family, imagining how that day could be and feel like. Our desire to celebrate and share again was truly genuine and that inspired these products."

Guzmán designed cushion covers, two SYMFONISK speaker covers, postcards, garland, and the paper decoration for this collection. Other products include colorful speckled glasses by industrial designer Liliana Ovalle, a waterproof picnic blanket by textile designer Marisol Centeno, a stainless steel serving set by product designer Abel Cárcamo Segovia, and more.

The collection isn't so much about creating the picture-perfect party as it is about making the most of time spent with loved ones. "I feel that decorating a home for coming together and celebrating is also a way of opening your heart to the ones you care about," Guzmán says. "It’s an invitation to enjoy precious present moments with the ones you share your life with." 

Shop some of our favorites from the collection, below.

Panel for Picture Frame Speaker

decorative picture frame speaker


The decorative panel, designed by Guzmán, pairs with the SYMFONISK picture frame speaker, a Wi-Fi speaker that hangs on the wall like a piece of artwork. "The panel for the SYMFONISK wall art speaker is really something that stole my heart," Guzmán says. "You get great sound while being able to look at cool artwork, combining the importance of music and art to set the atmosphere at home."

Price at time of publish: $30

Colorful Glassware

colorful splattered glasses


Colorful glassware can instantly elevate any tablescape—and these mouth-blown glasses designed by Ovalle feel extra-special. The playful color splashes feel perfect for summer, but you'll definitely want to use them all year round.

Price at time of publish: $30 for 4 pack.

Pendant Lamp Shade

colorful paper lantern


Ovalle also designed this rice paper lantern with a playful pop of pink and green. The lantern can be hung solely for decoration or paired with a hanging light bulb to diffuse a soft glow and set the scene.

Price at time of publish: $7

Blue Picnic Blanket

blue picnic blanket


This picnic blanket designed by Centeno isn't just fun and festive—it's quite practical, too. It has a waterproof backing to keep damp ground from ruining the fun and includes a convenient carrying strap.

Price at time of publish: $30

Stainless Steel Serving Set

stainless steel serving set


Your signature summer salad recipe will look even better when served with these stainless steel spoons. The serving set, designed by Abel Cárcamo Segovia, proves that even small details can make gathering around the table feel that much more memorable.

Price at time of publish: $15

Tray With Two Bowls

tray with two bowls


This serving bowl and tray set, designed by Ovalle, recreates the restaurant experience at home. Fill them with chips and salsa, toppings for a dish, candy, or whatever you feel like. It's your party, after all.

Price at time of publish: $20

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