I Discover the Best Finds on Amazon, and These Are the Hydrating Skincare Picks I’m Using All Winter Long

I’m loving creams and moisturizers from Mario Badescu, Laneige, Aveeno, Herbivore, and more.

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Editor-Loved Hydrating Amazon Picks Tout

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Dry, scaly, itchy—just a few words I would describe my skin on any given day. But during the winter, I strongly believe my skin thinks up ways to up the ante. Yours too? Read on. 

There are times my hands are so dry, my skin literally cracks, leading to paper cut-like bleeding. My face? After washing, you’d think I lost all elasticity in my skin. And yes, these scenarios hurt. The painful realization is that the products I always used for the sake of tradition clearly weren’t working anymore. And it prompted me into a skincare journey to find moisturizing creams, lotions, mists, and more that really work for my skin. Psst, these all do.  

I used my editor expertise to scope out some of the best moisturizing products a gal could ask for and tested more skincare formulas than I can count. And I’m happy to report that I’ve found a few hidden gems and rediscovered some oldie-but-goodies that I’m adding to my everyday routine. Bonus: All of these items are super affordable and available on Amazon, so you can get ‘em in no time. 

Editor-Loved Skincare Picks on Amazon

Mario Badescu Unscented Hand Cream with Vitamin E


There’s a lot of hand washing happening in between cooking, cleaning, and just living—and I’m stripping the moisture out every time. But one of the most luxurious hand creams I’ve used in a while is definitely this pick from Mario Badescu. It has a thick, heavenly texture that glides onto my skin and makes it feel instantly better. And the scent? It smells like something you’d find at a spa.

To buy: $8; amazon.com.

Face Moisturizer by Olay Complete Lotion


I watched my mom use Olay growing up, and when I became a teen, I added it to my roster as well. Fifteen years later, and it’s still my morning go-to. It’s great year-round, giving me the morning moisture I need to start the day without leaving my T-zone greasy. It has zero scent and is made with SPF 15, which I like. And if I’m planning to head out, I pair this with this Nars Tinted Moisturizer that matches my shade perfectly and brings an additional protection with SPF 30. 

To buy: $24; amazon.com.

Lip Sleeping Mask


The coveted lip sleeping mask is a favorite among nearly 18,000 shoppers, and I’m one of them. The glossy balm swipes on nicely with my finger and leaves my dry lips feeling refreshed come morning. It’s made with hydrating ingredients like shea and murumuru seed butters as well as coconut oil and vitamin C. I like the berry scented option, however, you can shop it in a few other styles, including sweet candy, vanilla, and gummy bear. 

To buy: $24; amazon.com.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil


Hangnails love me. I, however, do not love them. It was only recently that I learned hangnails are caused when your skin is dried due to cold weather, excessive hand washing, or hand sanitizer use, just to name a few. It’s why I enlisted this Sally Hansen cuticle oil to moisten the area around my fingernails. I put this on every night before hopping into bed and massage the oil into my nail beds. I love that this doesn’t feel super oily, and since a little goes a long way, one bottle is all I need for now. 

To buy: $6; amazon.com.

J.R. Watkins Love Body Oil Mist


One area I always have trouble moisturizing is my back. You too? Then you have to check out this body oil mist from J.R. Watkins. It sprays on easily to hydrate the skin and cover more surface area and, yep, even  the hard-to-reach back with sweet-smelling oil. It’s simple to rub in and truly lasts. Trust me. I spray it on all over after showering (which by the way, removes the skin’s natural oils) and go to sleep. The next morning, my back still feels soft and smooth. I call that a winner.

To buy: $15; amazon.com.

Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion with Lavender Scent


Aveeno lotions have been with me from college to now. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving… and moisturizing. And in this case, it’s the same thing. This lotion has an oatmeal base that’s naturally hydrating, and feels light slathered on. The thing is, I’m one of those people who has sweaty palms, but dry everything else, especially the backs of my hands. The lotion doesn’t create pools in my palms and it has a calming lavender scent I’m obsessed with. 

To buy: $9; amazon.com.

 O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream


A nail tech once told me I needed to take better care of my feet while doing a pedicure, and that’ll live with me forever. I blame it on living in a walkable city that causes stress on my feet, but no matter how much cream or petroleum jelly I put on them, nothing seemed to work—until I tried this O’Keeffe’s foot cream. I saw results in just days. Days! I can’t make this up. The cracks in my heels have almost diminished and my soles look healthier and feel softer. I massage this in and wear my favorite socks from Bombas overnight to seal in the moisture.   

To buy: $15; amazon.com.

Herbivore Botanicals - All Natural Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist


When I need a little hydrating pick-me-up mid-day, but don’t want to put on a second layer of cream, I reach for this face mist. Just a spritz or two of his Herbivore mist, and my face feels like it just had a big glass of water. It’s basically hydration in a bottle thanks to its formula of coconut water, rose water, hibiscus extract, and hyaluronic acid. Oh, and that rose scent really comes through. It smells so nice, sometimes I even spray a little just so the scent lingers in my room. 

To buy: $34; amazon.com.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Tinted


Chapped lips are like ex boyfriends—you don’t want ‘em around, and yet, they keep coming back. While lip balm can’t solve your relationship problems, this Burt’s Bees option can certainly help those dry, cracked lips. A swipe of this lip balm, and I feel hydrated for hours until it’s time to reapply. I also love that it has a pretty lip tint that gives me that extra zhuzh without the need to apply lipstick. Rose and Red Dahlia are my favorites. 

To buy: $10; amazon.com.

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream


If you’re in desperate need of total-body hydration, I highly recommend this cream from Vanicream. It has an ultra-thick texture that I swear goes deep into the skin to relieve dry spots, cracked feet, and itchy skin. The formula is free of scents, parabens, and dyes, and doesn’t feel greasy, either. I love how hydrating the cream is, which is why it’s part of my skincare routine. If I could bathe in this, I would. 

To buy: $14 (was $17); amazon.com.

Dove DermaCare Scalp Anti Dandruff Shampoo


Dry skin doesn’t end at the forehead. In fact, I’ve suffered with dry scalp for years, leaving it itchy, and yes, flaky. I used Selsun Blue once, and the smell alone nearly killed me. And truthfully, I associated all dandruff shampoo with this scent until I gave this Dove DermaCare shampoo a chance, and I haven’t looked back. It smells really good and soothes my scalp with each wash. Now the only flakes I see are the ones falling out my window. 

To buy: $22; amazon.com.

Non-Amazon Honorable Mentions

While Amazon is a treasure trove of skincare must-haves, there are a few moisturizing favorites you’ll need to shop elsewhere—and that’s OK! Remember, when shopping for beauty products, make sure they are all shipped and sold by Amazon to ensure you’re getting the item from the source i.e. not a third party. 

Now onto the good stuff. Below, you’ll find some super hydrating skincare items that are now an essential part of my regimen. They’re so good, I couldn’t gatekeep them. 

fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer


While I prefer a lighter daytime moisturizer, my night time cream during the winter months has to be thick. Since I naturally have dry skin, that tight feeling gets even worse due to the dry air, so after trying a few different facial creams, I landed on this moisturizer from Fresh. It feels really nice on the face, relieving itchiness almost instantly. This pick is formulated with hydrating  hyaluronic acid and rose extract which helps keep that moisture in while smelling lovely. 

To buy: $46; sephora.com.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser


I’ve used cream cleansers in the past, but if they don’t soap up, I feel like I’m just rubbing watery cream all over my face. Plus, the ones I’ve tried don’t effectively take off my makeup, which is kind of the point. This Greek yogurt cleanser is the whole package—the creamy product soothes my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling stiff like other cleansers, and it foams up without the soap. 

To buy: $16; dermstore.com.

Coco Loco


Lush is one of those mythical places that has all the fun skincare products, and I want them all. I stumbled upon this solid shower oil while looking for something to soothe my dry back, and can I just say, I use this all the time now—easily a few times a week. It smells like a tropical vacation because it’s made with cocoa butter, as well as extra virgin coconut and Brazilian orange oils. I glide this on my wet back after showering and massage it in, and it stays soft and smooth for hours. 

To buy: $10; lushusa.com.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream Anti-Aging Peptide Eye Cream


If you put me side by side with a raccoon, I swear, you won’t know the difference. The dark circles under my eyes are that bad. It’s why I need an eye cream that’s brightening and hydrating. This anti-aging eye cream from It Cosmetics does the job nicely due to a blend of rice peptide and tetrapeptide to combat tired eye symptoms like those bags or crows feet. And it keeps the delicate skin hydrated for 48 hours.

To buy: $40; ulta.com.

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