Perfectly Mist Your Plants, Hair, and Countertops With This Easy-to-Use Spray Bottle That’s 47% Off

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There are some universal items that everyone needs in their home. A spray bottle is a tried-and-true tool, helping distribute cleaning products, water, and even hair styling products. We probably don’t give too much thought to cleaning gadgets like spray bottles because they’re generally straightforward, everyday products. However, the difference between a thoughtfully designed bottle and a regular bottle can actually be great. The Hula Home Continuous Spray Bottle, for instance, is an innovative tool that upgrades your user experience—and it’s on sale.

This is no ordinary spray bottle—after your second pull of the trigger, the bottle will release a continuous spray. There’s no need to keep pulling the trigger to get liquid out, as a fine mist is released that lasts 1-to-2 seconds. The bottle sprays at any angle, distributing an even spray of product every time, even if you turn it upside down. This adaptability is only one reason why the spray bottle is great for hair styling.

Hula Home Continuous Spray Bottle


To buy: $8 (was $15);

Customers love the even distribution of the spray bottle, having left it over 15,500 five-star ratings. One reviewer who uses the bottle for quick hair-styling fixes noted that it’s an “easy way to spray down your hair in the morning, and [it] looks as if you showered once your hair has dried.” Unlike other bottles, they confirmed that the liquid “mists out” and “sprays down your hair evenly.”

Beyond hair styling, the spray bottle works well for everything from gardening to cleaning. Use it as a plant mister to evenly distribute water across leaves, or tackle more heavy-duty chores like spraying cleaner on dirty surfaces. 

The light pull trigger will also save your fingers, too—no need to excessively pull down or use force on the lever to get any spray, making the spray bottle particularly helpful for users with arthritis. One customer tried this bottle to avoid the “constant pumping of the trigger” on their other spray bottles because it makes their fingers “tired.” They confirmed that with this bottle, “you don't have to press so many times.”

With a 10.1 ounce capacity, the generous-sized bottle will not need to be refilled often. However, when it does, the process is quick and easy. Unlike other spray bottles that have to be twisted repeatedly to get the lid off to clean or refill, the Hula Home bottle has an innovative 18-degree twist. You only have to twist once for the lid to come off. 

Whether gardening, cleaning, or styling hair, don’t miss out on the convenience of the Hula Home Continuous Spray Bottle. Get it on sale for just $8 while it’s 47 percent off on Amazon.

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