How to Measure Your Shoe Size at Home

Never order the wrong size again.

Ordering shoes online is convenient, but it has its drawbacks. You'll need to measure your own shoe size, and there’s still always a concern that the shoes you’re ordering might be too large or too small. You might even consider buying multiple pairs, but then you’ll need to return one. Or you might see a great deal on a fabulous pair of shoes on final sale. Either way, it’s important to start by measuring your correct shoe size, especially if you are ordering from a brand or website that you don’t already have shoes from. While it is ideal to have your foot professionally measured at a shoe store, here’s how the experts say to measure your shoe size at home.


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How to Measure Your Shoe Size

Fabiana Rigamonti, head designer at Aerosoles, a brand known for its extra comfortable shoes, suggests using a Brannock device, which is the standard foot measuring tool of the footwear industry. Any department store or shoe boutique should have at least one of these available for your use.

However, if you need to order shoes online and are unable to try them on first, there’s a DIY method that can work in most situations. “If you’d like the DIY method, you will need to gather some supplies: a pencil, two pieces of blank paper, and a metric ruler or tape ruler,” explains the designer. 

Then she recommends taking the following steps:  

  1. Trace your foot on the blank sheet of paper. You need to be standing straight when you trace to get the full length of your foot, so you'll want to ask someone to assist you to get the most accurate measurement.
  2. Measure the tracing from the heel to the longest toe.
  3. Consult the shoe size chart, below, to translate centimeters to shoe size.
  4. Compare your measurements with the shoe size chart of the footwear brand you are interested in purchasing from to ensure the most accurate size, as measurements can differ from brand to brand.

If you’re still concerned about whether a specific pair will fit, it’s smart to read the reviews. If the shoe runs large, small, wide, or narrow—more than one person will likely comment on this. 

How to Measure Your Foot Size for Men’s Shoes

If you’re measuring men’s shoes, Ji-San Lee, senior footwear designer at CLAE, also recommends having your foot professionally measured. Still, he has some other concerns. "I would say for men’s feet, my own, for example, width in the forefoot is more of a concern for me. Typically most shoe lasts are pretty narrow, so I’ve always had to go up a size or two to get the fit I want,” explains Lee.

“But if I’m helping someone with size, I generally try to get an idea of what they usually wear to get an idea of their foot type. Find their length, but also bring a half size up and down, depending on the width of the toe area." 

Shoe Size Chart

Women's Shoe Sizes

Shoe Size 5  5.5  6  6.5 7 7.5 8  8.5  9 9.5 10
Inches 8.6 8.8 9 9.1 9.3 9.5 9.6 9.8 10 10.1 10.3
Centimeters 21.9  22.2  22.9  23.1  23.5 24.1 24.4 24.8  25.4  25.7 26.2

Men's Shoe Sizes

Shoe Size  7  7.5  8  8.5  9  9.5  10  10.5  11  11.5  12
Inches  9.6  9.8  9.9  10.1  10.3  10.4  10.6  10.8  10.9  11.1  11.3
Centimeters  24.4  24.8  25.4  25.7  26  26.7  27  27.3  27.9  28.3  28.6
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