8 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Bring on the cozy vibes.

How to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall, mulled cider with star anise

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You know it’s officially fall when the weather snaps into a crisp cool, you experience an unshakable urge to unearth your oversized sweaters, and your collection of soft and cozy blankets takes over the house. Why not lean into the vibe even more by making your entire home smell like the essence of fall? From homemade pumpkin pie to fresh fall bouquets and beyond, any of these inventive ways to make your home smell like fall will put you in the autumnal spirit.

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Bake a Pie

Few things are as iconically autumn as freshly baked pie. This seasonal staple doesn’t just satisfy taste buds, though—it will also fill your home with the incredible aroma of spices, sugar, and whatever filling you prefer. Apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies are all fall classics, so start there. And if you’re not into sweets, consider making herbed bread with rosemary, sage, or thyme instead.

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Light a Crackling Candle

A candle with a wide throw can make your house smell amazing, but add one with a crackling wooden wick and you’ll get a pinch of cozy fireplace vibes, too. Try WoodWick’s Fireside Candle, which smells like an authentic campfire and delivers over 100 hours of burn time. There’s also a larger option if you want to keep the experience going from fall to winter.

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Try a Fall Boil

“If company is on the way, a quick trick for a warm and cozy home is to make a fall boil,” says Jen McDonald, certified organic garden specialist and co-founder of Garden Girls. “Combine two cups of water, a few slices of fresh oranges, two sprigs of rosemary, two cinnamon sticks, two whole cloves, and one teaspoon of vanilla.” Simply combine everything in a crock and set to low heat. To keep the aroma going, add more water every couple hours.

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Use Essential Oil Steamers

Not only is an essential oil shower steamer a great way to pamper yourself once the weather cools, but it can help the whole house smell great. For an autumn scent, try the Cabin Essence shower bath bomb from The Herbal Zen. Along with using the steamer in the shower, you can place the tablet in a bowl of warm water anywhere in the house for some subtle, comforting aromatherapy.

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Bring in a Fresh Bouquet

“Flowers are a perfect way to invite the autumn season into your home,” says Christina Stembel, founder & CEO of Farmgirl Flowers. “Some bouquets can go the extra mile by bringing the look and sweater-weather feeling of fall while also smelling like some of your favorite holiday cooking or ultra-relaxing scents.” She recommends creating a bouquet with hypericum, marigolds, rosemary, bay, sage, chocolate cosmos, and eucalyptus.

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Mull Some Hot Apple Cider

With its perfect blend of sweet, savory, and tangy, hot apple cider is a fall season must-sip. To really make your home smell like autumn, pour a gallon of cider into a crockpot and add three to four tablespoons of mulling spices. (Pro Tip: You can find pre-blended mixes, like Penzeys Mulling Spices, versus making your own.) It’s ready to drink once it’s hot.

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DIY Some Fall Potpourri

For a fragrant fall option that lasts into winter, whip up a batch of your own DIY fall potpourri. “Gather up some pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried apples, orange slices, and acorns,” McDonald says. “Add a few drops of clove, cinnamon, orange, and cedarwood essential oils and lightly stir.” Display your potpourri in beautiful shallow dishes around the house and package leftovers into cellophane bags for host gifts.

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Swap in Autumnal Hand Soap

A super simple way to bring a little autumn spirit to your home is to swap out your usual hand wash for one that’s rich in autumn-inspired fragrance. A good one for the season is Williams-Sonoma Spiced Chestnut Hand Soap, a warm and comforting scent that combines chestnut, cinnamon, and clove.

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