7 Quick Hair Hacks to Get Instant Volume

Hairstylists share their best advice on maximizing volume.

Achieving a glamorously full head of hair might feel downright impossible—particularly if you have fine, thin, or thinning hair—but there are a few tips and tricks you can whip out to instantly boost volume. In fact, you might be surprised at just how much volume you can create.


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From strategic volume-boosting hairstyles to inventive styling products to blow-drying techniques that make hair look fuller, we asked a handful of professional hairstylists to share their favorite ways to achieve instant volume.

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Texturizing Powder

Don’t underestimate the volumizing power of texturizing powder! While often used to create better hold for hairstyles, this handy hair-care product also creates lift and volume.

“Starting at the crown, hold your roots up and spray the powder at the base of the root,” says hairstylist Brooke Clarke. “Repeat until the desired amount is in your hair, then rub it in gently with your fingers.” You can wear your hair down or style it afterward. Either way, this technique leaves hair at the root slightly gritty, which allows you to re-puff your hair as needed. 

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Volumizing Mousse

Along with texturizing products, keep your hair-care arsenal stocked with a volumizing hair product like mousse. This is applied to damp hair and can create some serious volume. “Volumizing mousse instantly creates thicker density from root to end, while leaving the hair with a beautiful shine—even for the finest and frizziest strands,” says Trace Henningsen, celebrity hairstylist and ambassador for Leonor Greyl.

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Glamorous Ponytail

Here’s a quick way to make your ponytail look like you’ve got double the amount of hair. “Take two elastics and divide your hair into two sections horizontally–just behind your ears,” says Jill Marinello, hairstylist and owner of WISH Hair Studio. “Make a small half-ponytail at the crown, then take the underneath section and divide it vertically. Pull both sections up into another small pony just above the previous one.” This makes fine hair look twice as full. It also creates less tension, which is important for fine or thinning hair. 

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Root/Scalp Concealer

An exposed scalp can make your hair look thin, as can gray roots, which create the illusion of a wider scalp. A root concealer, scalp foundation, or colored dry shampoo can tackle both—all with very little effort required on your end. 

“Brush and fluff your hair to its full capacity, then give it a little upside-down blow-dry and your best hair flip,” advises hairstylist Katelyn Ellsworth, founder of The Roslyn. “Next, spray into the crown following the part line. This vanishes any gray hair or any sparseness in the crown. Finish with your favorite hairspray and you instantly have fuller looking hair that will stay through the night.” There are also powders and sponge-on products you can try.

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Upside-Down Blow Dry

You’ve probably seen the “upside-down blow dry” in movies and on commercials, but it’s not just cinematics. This volume-boosting hair trick actually works. First, start with a good hair detangler for heat styling. Henningsen says, “Dry your hair upside down without the nozzle on the dryer. Then, once the root is dry, flip hair back over and smooth out the ends with the nozzle on the dryer and a boar bristle round brush. This will create an everlasting maximum volume!”

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Velcro Rollers

To maximize volume even more, break out some velcro rollers after blow-drying. “Blow-dry each section and wrap them in velcro rollers and let it cool for 15 minutes before taking them out,” says Henningsen. “The more you over direct the rollers the more volume you will get.” 

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Damp and Dry

For a quick boost of volume on already dry hair, try this trick from Ellsworth. “Use a mister water bottle and spray around the hairline and the roots on the crown of the head to lightly dampen the hair,” she says. “Then take your blow dryer on high heat and blow-dry using a forward movement, or with a blow-dryer brush lifting the hair up from the scalp until it’s completely dry.” Give it a shot of cool air and you’re good to go.

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