Here's How Much a Pizza Costs in Every State

Think you're overpaying for a pie? Check out the average cost of a pizza in your state.


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Who doesn’t love a hot, delicious slice of pizza? Whether you’re on the road, need a quick and inexpensive meal, or just love a good bread, cheese, and sauce combo—most of us will admit it’s rare to find a slice we don’t enjoy. However, "inexpensive" is all relative and depends on where you live. According to a new report from Slice of the Union, the cost of pizza can vary quite a bit from state to state. 

This report also shared some other fun facts and statistics compiled from millions of orders. For example, everyone loves to eat pizza on game day, but most orders were placed for those big football games, followed by basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Award shows are also busy nights at your local pizza restaurant. The data showed that the most pizzas were ordered for (and this could be a huge surprise to some) The People’s Choice Awards, which received 21 percent more pizza orders than the Tony Awards. This was followed by the Emmys (coming in hot at third place), the Golden Globes, and the Oscars coming in fifth place. The Grammys only received an honorable mention. 

As for toppings, while we all know how popular pepperoni is, mushrooms sprung up some extra love in 2022 with 8.9 percent more orders for mushroom pizzas compared to the previous year. 

And while not technically a pizza topping, there were 9.7 percent more orders for ranch dressing in 2022 compared to 2021. So feel free to go ahead and dip. Lots of other people are doing it. 

Another super interesting statistic to come out of this report was that national pizza chains such as Papa Johns's, Pizza Hut, and Domino's had an average customer rating of 3.28 stars while independent pizza shops received an average customer rating of 4.77 stars. What’s the lesson here? If you want a better slice, go to an independent pizza shop.

While the average cost of a pie nationally is $17.81—here’s how much a pizza costs in every state. Check out if your state is above or below the average.

Alabama: $14.80

Alaska: $21.74

Arizona: $19.28

Arkansas: $16.46

California: $21.19

Colorado: $21.23

Connecticut: $18.15

Delaware $15.70

Florida: $18.21

Georgia: $17.61

Hawaii: $19.50

Idaho: $18.76

Illinois: $22.52

Indiana: $18.66

Iowa: $18.71

Kansas: $14.96

Kentucky: $17.15

Louisiana: $16.40

Maine: $16.53

Maryland: $15.97

Massachusetts: $16.49

Michigan: $16.01

Minnesota: $13.88

Mississippi: $15.50

Missouri: $16.72

Montana: $16.66

Nebraska: $18.91

Nevada: $19.34

New Hampshire: $15.74

New Jersey: $16.86

New Mexico: $18.60

New York: $19.73

North Carolina: $17.35

North Dakota: $15.35

Ohio: $15.89

Oklahoma: $12.70

Oregon: $26.94

Pennsylvania: $16.34

Rhode Island: $16.52

South Carolina: $17.33

South Dakota: $16.94

Tennessee: $16.93

Texas: $16.06

Utah: $17.17

Vermont: $19.30

Virginia: $17.45

Washington: $23.34

West Virginia: $17.40

Wisconsin: $18.84

Wyoming: $20.54

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