Organize Your Car With This Multipurpose Trash Can That’s 60% Off Right Now

It’s a trash can, cooler, and extra storage space all in one.

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HOTOR Car Trash Can

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Keeping your car clean is one of those never-ending tasks. Bottles, snack wrappers, and odds and ends have a habit of finding their way onto our vehicle’s floor. However, organizers like purse holders help cut down on messes while on the road. A convenient way to keep used water bottles and wrappers from rolling around at your feet is by installing a mini trash can in your vehicle.

An Amazon best-seller, the Hotor Trash Can with Lid easily keeps your car clean and organized. Normally priced at $25, the 2-gallon compact container is currently on sale for 60 percent off and is only $10 for a limited time. 

If the thought of putting a trash can in your car sounds confusing, it’s not the same as a bulky home waste bin. The Hotor Can looks like a heavy-duty lunch box with a lid that’ll keep all unsightly trash hidden in one convenient spot.

HOTOR Car Trash Can


To buy: $10 (was $25);

The trash can has straps that secures around the front or back headrest or the center console. With 100 percent waterproof lining, the leak-proof bucket ensures whatever gets thrown away will stay in the trash can—wet or dry. Collapsible, the trash can is great for long road trips and is easily tucked away when not needed.

There’s no need to unzip the lid every time a piece of trash needs to go in because there’s a rubber slot opening at the top. Once the can is full, trash removal is easy thanks to the four magnetic buckles that secure small trash bags in place. 

The no-mess design of the Hotor Trash Can is one reason this reviewer gave the container five stars. According to the purchaser, the magnetic tabs hold the bag in place, “preventing any mess that might happen when placing trash into the container.” The can “takes up very little space, and [it] is easy to remove filled bags of trash from [the] container for disposal.” A convenient solution to messes, there’s “no more garbage laying on the floor of my vehicle when I'm driving any long-distance trips.”

Not only a trash can, but the exterior also has three mesh pockets for extra storage. You can even remove the trash bag to load up on snacks and drinks if you’re going to be in the car for a while. The container’s waterproof lining allows it to also be utilized as a cooler. 

Keep your car clean with the Hotor Trash Can with Lid—currently on sale for 60 percent off on Amazon.

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