Before I even realize it, this little bit of zen has me smiling.

By Ariel Klein
Updated July 30, 2018

It’s no secret that as we get older, life becomes busier and more chaotic with each passing year. Balancing work and social calendars, managing a home, and caring for a family can make enjoying “the little things” no easy feat.

I consider myself someone who makes a conscious effort to stay present and takes the time to “stop and smell the roses.” But as we all know, sometimes the stress and anxiety from our daily routines prevents us from staying mindful and balanced.

There are so many great products and practices proven to help de-stress the body and mind, such as essential oils, guided meditation, and crystal healing–but have you ever considered a solar-powered rainbow maker ($30;

Designed by David Dear for Kikkerland Design Inc, the soothing solar-powered rainbow maker creates beautiful, whimsical rainbows throughout your home. It’s also known to bring good chi according to the practice of feng shui.

The rainbow maker has a suction cup that easily attaches to any window in your home. A small, solar-powered panel steers a genuine Swarovski crystal to rotate and refract sunlight, creating swirling rainbows in the room immediately after it's hung up.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a firm believer in finding different ways to stay relaxed and grounded, especially when life has you by the you know what. Not until I was gifted one of these incredible little gadgets did I realize how effective a rainbow could be to a person's mood. Every morning, when I’m making my coffee, my attention is immediately drawn to the magical little rainbows dancing across my walls, filling my home with sparkle and color. And before I even realize it (and the caffeine kicks in), I’m smiling.