As long as I have this portable steamer with me, I can literally throw my clothes in a suitcase and go. 

By Alex Richards
Updated June 07, 2018
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portable steamer

I’ve always hated ironing, and after watching one of my favorite dresses get burned by a sub-par hotel iron (that sucked), I’ve become addicted to traveling with my own steamer. I love that I don’t have to worry about ironing my clothes before I head out of town anymore. Because, let’s be real, even if my clothes literally go from the ironing board straight into the suitcase, they always come out creased and crumpled on the other end.

When my last one completely died on me—right before a trip—I knew I needed to upgrade, asap. For me, the real game changer was purchasing a Tenswall Portable Clothes Steamer. Handheld and easy to use, it comes in its own cloth bag, tucks easily into my carry-on, and saves me some wrinkly embarrassment when I reach my final destination. Once I add water, it only takes a couple of minutes to power up and do its job, eliminating all the wrinkles from my favorite shirts and dresses.

Pro tip: hold the steamer level and keep it close to the clothing. That way, you’ll avoid any hot water spillage and get the job done faster.