Calling all brown thumbs.

By Summer Cartwright
May 01, 2020
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There’s such a fine line between over-watering houseplants and not watering them enough—and it can be hard to resurrect your greenery once that line is crossed. But there’s a simple and surprisingly affordable solution to this conundrum, and it’s not some robotic contraption that looks like it came from a tech store. 

Hashtag Home’s self-watering pot is relatively simple in style and design and features an internal screen inside to hold up soil above a water line, so H20 evaporates into soil on its own. With this process, the soil retains moisture “but also maintains air pockets, which the plant roots need to stay healthy,” according to the brand.

It’s an essential for gardening beginners and experts alike to help with tricky plants that you just can’t seem to keep alive. All you have to worry about is filling the bottom with water.

This lackadaisical process might seem nerve-wracking to some, but the self-watering pot has nearly 2,000 perfect five-star reviews on Wayfair from gardeners who say it’s worth every penny. “My peace lily has blossomed after putting it in my new find,” wrote one.

“These were the perfect pots for my patio bougainvilleas,” said another shopper. “There’s no chance for any overwatering.”

Plus, the pots look fantastic and come in a bunch of vibrant colors, along with classic neutral tones). Not to mention, available pot sizes range from 6 inches to 21 inches wide, so you can replant species of several sizes into these stress savers.

To buy: $12;