It’s super cozy and available in a ton of pretty designs.

By Amina Lake Abdelrahman
May 13, 2020
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Over the last year or so, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of picnics—it came to the point where I was asking my partner to go on a picnic in Central Park with me nearly every weekend. Even though we didn’t pack up our lunches and hit the park as often as I’d hoped, each time we did, we were stuck sitting on a beach towel that was way too small for both of us—and that ultimately made the experience pretty uncomfortable. That’s what first led me to discover ChappyWrap’s extra large and cozy blankets, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. 

Not only are ChappyWrap’s blankets the perfect size for small picnics (the standard blankets measure 60 by 80 inches), but they’re also extremely soft and durable. Made with a plush cotton blend of jacquard-woven fabric, each blanket is reversible so it’s like getting two designs in one. They’re much more versatile than your typical outdoor picnic blanket, though—they’re great for snuggling up with indoors for a family movie night or draping across your couch for a lived-in look. In fact, I’ve even used mine on my bed when it was too hot to sleep with my usual comforter (because I can’t sleep without a blanket, no matter what). 

Thanks to their machine-washable fabric, the ChappyWrap blankets are super easy to clean, so you won’t be hesitant to bring them indoors after using them out on the grass. After washing and drying, they feel just as soft as they first did, and the fabric doesn’t pill or shrink. Since my ChappyWrap is so easy to take care of, I’m more inclined to reach for it any time I need a blanket. Plus, I love that the company is run by a mother-daughter duo and that each blanket is hand-inspected before leaving the factory.

ChappyWrap blankets are available in tons of color and size combinations, so there’s something for everyone. I’m partial to the Double Diamonds pattern, but they also come in classic plaids, herringbone designs, and many more. Whether you’re ready for socially-distanced picnics in the backyard or sticking to binging Netflix shows at home for now, you really can’t go wrong with these multi-functional (and super cozy) blankets. 

ChappyWrap Double Diamonds Blanket

Double Diamonds Blanket

To buy: $135;