This $23 Space Heater Is Way More Powerful Than It Looks, According to Thousands of Amazon Shoppers

It fits perfectly under a desk or on a bedside table.
By Lily Gray
October 23, 2020
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We all know at least one person (maybe you are that person) who is always cold, wrapping up in blankets and wearing sweatshirts all year long. Now that winter is getting closer, cozying up by a fire and investing all things toasty is an even greater necessity. And while central heating systems circulate warm air throughout your home or office space, some spots remain perpetually chilly (think: the desk that faces a window or the rec room in a basement). Luckily, this personal space heater is a total life-saver when it comes to warming up cold feet or fingers. 

The mini space heater is just 6 inches tall with a 6-by-3-inch footprint that’s ideal for perching on your desk or placing underneath your workspace. And at 1 1/2 pounds, it’s easy to transport from one space to another. What’s more, the impressive 500-watt heater is powerful enough to warm small spaces without racking up your electric bill. Note: It will keep you toasty in close proximity, but it isn’t meant to heat up an entire room.

The desktop space heater is made with efficient ceramic coils that heat up in seconds, so you don’t have to suffer through chattering teeth waiting for it to get warm. With just one heat setting, the personal heater keeps your space at a consistent temperature no matter how long it runs. The best part? It’s designed with a safety feature that automatically shuts off the heater if it tips over.


To buy: $23;

With a 4.5-star average rating and over 4,000 rave reviews, Amazon shoppers praise this mini space heater for its quick and powerful heating capabilities and safety features.

One reviewer claims that it’s small but mighty. “Don’t judge this heater by its size. My office gets very cold but with this little guy you will feel like you’re in a warm paradise. I love the safety features as well—I had a few times when I knocked it over and it will stop, once it’s back up standing the heat is back on.”

“I got this for my cubicle at work so its wattage wouldn’t blow out the power source,” another five-star reviewer wrote. “It gives off ample heat...[and] I love the safety feature. I highly recommend it.”

Grab the top-rated mini space heater for only $23 to stay comfortably warm no matter the season.