This Ultra-Slim Kitchen Storage Cart Is the Secret Weapon to an Organized Bathroom

A professional organizer reveals why you shouldn’t be fooled by names.

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Yamazaki Home Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart-Portable Organizer Shelves

Whether you've got a teeny-tiny bathroom on your hands or the spa-like space of your dreams, bathroom storage can be an issue. As a retired professional organizer (although who am I kidding? I reorganize my apartment almost every week), I've seen my fair share of clever bathroom organization products. Some are made specifically for bathrooms, and some require you to think outside the box.

My personal favorite bathroom organizer? The Yamazaki Home Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart. Yes, a kitchen cart.

Yamazaki Home is a master of chic organization products, and this rolling cart is no exception. While it's an excellent option for storing kitchen odds and ends such as oils and small canisters, it is equally perfect in my bathroom. Call it a hack if you want, but I just call it a good product.

Yamazaki Home Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart-Portable Organizer Shelves

To buy: $58;

One of the most important steps to properly organizing a space is to make sure every item has a dedicated place to live. Bathroom organizers provide plenty of opportunities to house makeup, linens, backstock, cleaning supplies, and even your smallest and most random bathroom items (looking at you, Q-tips and bath bomb shaped like an ice cream scoop).

You should also ensure you're utilizing all your space (even vertical), so finding organization systems for your drawers, cabinets, counters, and under the sink is key. But what about that small nook of space between your toilet and your wall? Or that 6-inch gap between your sink and your shower? Is there an organization solution for that?

To find the right product for these unique spaces in your home, don't limit yourself to items marketed for bathroom organization. Measure the space, and then find a product you love that closely matches your measurement for a snug fit. Here's why the Yamazaki rolling cart is my favorite organization product in my bathroom that I recommend to all bathroom organization enthusiasts.

Tiny Size

This ultra-slim three-tier rolling shelf is less than 5 inches wide, so it can fit in the tiniest of bathroom nooks to store lotions, cotton ball canisters, and an assortment of dry shampoos. It fits perfectly in the 6-inch space between my bathroom tub and sink, creating an abundance of storage in a space that would otherwise be unusable.

Thoughtful Features

The design features of this tiny cart don't stop there. It also comes with two small hooks, so you can easily hang washcloths or loofahs on the side. The cherry on top? The railing around each shelf means your products won't tumble off when you roll it in and out of its nook.

Speaking of rolling, the wheels are what makes this cart superior to other slim shelves. If you line the shelves with everyday products but can't access them easily, what good is your bathroom organizer?


I've been living with this bathroom cart for over six months, and it still looks just as chic as the day I got it. It definitely gets exposed to some splashes from my sink on a daily basis, but there are no signs of rust or wear and tear. Each shelf supports up to 6.6 pounds, and I've stuffed it full of products and hair tools with no sign of bending in sight.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling the product was simple, I just had to make sure I put all four wheels on the cart in the same direction. This allows for smooth rolling capabilities. Amazon offers expert assembly on this product, but I wouldn't recommend adding on that service.

Zero Maintenance and Upkeep

When it comes to this chic-looking rolling cart, there's really no maintenance or upkeep involved. If it gets a smudge of makeup or hairspray on it, I simply wipe it off with a damp paper towel.

Ready to be one step closer to the organized bathroom of your dreams? Head over to Amazon to order the Yamazaki Home Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart for yourself and give your otherwise unused tiny nook some purpose.

Yamazaki Home Rolling Kitchen Storage Cart-Portable Organizer Shelves

To buy: $58;

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