They look custom-built (but at a much more affordable price). 

By Katie Holdefehr
April 19, 2018

When we toured blogger Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess’s freshly renovated Nashville home for the May 2018 issue, our editors couldn’t stop cooing over the adorable bed Elsie got for her recently adopted daughter (read more about her adoption story here). It looked like an indoor tree house, filled with cozy bedding and cuddly stuffed animals. And when we asked Elsie where she found the adorable bed, we were surprised to learn that it wasn’t custom-built, but actually an incredible Wayfair find. Although the bed has quickly sold out since we spotted it a month ago, the find did make us realize just how many cute kids’ beds Wayfair carries. From the world’s sweetest bunk beds, to a bed that doubles as a play fort—this retailer has us sold. We just have one question: Can they make one in our size?

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