Who knew your grandma's vintage Pyrex would look so cute in tattoo form?
Pyrex Baking Dishes
Credit: Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

Many people love their collection of vintage Pyrex—but do you love the whimsical patterns enough to tattoo them (forever!) on your body? According to some vintage Pyrex superfans, the answer is absolutely. Over the past few years, Pyrex-inspired body art has become a thing, with images popping up periodically on Instagram and Pinterest. Some introduce the floral designs into an armband, while others incorporate the motifs into a full sleeve. Others take the trend more literally, and instead of getting the pattern, tattoo an entire stack of Pyrex bowls into their forearm. And even those who claim to not be "tattoo people" are considering a tattoo homage to their favorite vintage bakeware. Check out some of the designs spotted on Instagram, below, then call your local tattoo shop—it's time for some fresh ink.

The best way to show off your favorite piece of Pyrex? Get it tattooed right onto your arm, of course. This armband tattoo, credited to Laura Exley at Damask Tattoo in Seattle, is the sign of someone truly dedicated to their vintage dishware.

For others, the nostalgic pattern isn't enough—no, they want the entire piece of Pyrex on display. This adorable Pyrex tattoo by Alicia E. features a classic Pyrex teacup with a hen roosting in it.

Or, get matching tattoos with your fellow Pyrex-loving pal. The brilliant red casserole dish is by Jace Laface at Charlotte Tattoo Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Just think about how much fun dish washing will become once you get your fresh ink. The black and white pattern above was created by Vixen & Viking Tattoo Studio in Glen Falls, New York.

How do you know it's true love? When a husband decides to get a tattoo tribute to his Pyrex-loving wife. This colorful design was created by Love Cora Tattoos.