Plus, they're Alexa-connected and can tell you when your food is about to go bad. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 17, 2018
Vacuum Seal Container By Silo on counter
Credit: Silo

The future of food storage is officially here.

A new brand of innovative food storage containers, called Silo, launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year–and after meeting with the founder and seeing the containers in action, I'm convinced that this revolutionary, vacuum-sealing system is the food storage solution we've all been waiting for.

Rather than stashing food in plastic containers with mismatched lids that have been warped from too many runs through the dishwasher, Silo's stylish containers are made from durable, BPA-free Tritan TM plastic that's microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Whether left out on the counter or stashed in the fridge, these modern containers fit seamlessly with the rest of your home. Even better, Silo containers are more than just the sleekest food storage we've ever seen—they're also the smartest.

You can preorder the SIlo containers now. Leave the base out on your kitchen counter, and all you have to do to instantly vacuum-seal a container of strawberries, pasta, or soup is place it on the base, press down on the container and, in less than a minute, you'll have a perfectly vacuum-sealed container. Vacuum-sealing, or removing all of the air from a container, once involved messy plastic bags and was reserved for foods you planned to store in the freezer for months–but now the process is easy enough to use for after-school snacks and the leftovers you plan to eat later in the week.

By vacuum-sealing everything from cereal to grapes, your leftovers and groceries will last from two to five times longer. In fact, because most people aren't familiar with just how much longer food can last once it's vacuum-sealed, Silo containers are Alexa-connected to help you figure it out. When you place a container on the base to vacuum-seal it, you'll give it a label with a voice command, telling Silo, "This is strawberries." Then, if you're not sure whether the strawberries are still fresh, you can go ahead and ask, "Alexa, are the strawberries still good?" Not only will you avoid eating past-its-prime produce, but you'll reduce your home's food waste. Instead of replacing moldy berries every one to six days, Silo helps them last for up to 14 days in the vacuum-sealed environment.

Plus, Alexa can remind you what's even in your fridge. "Let’s face it, nobody remembers what they put in the fridge two weeks ago," says Silo's founder Tal Lapidot. "We know that the only true way to enable you to enjoy your food for longer is if Silo remembers and manages your inventory for you."

While the Silo food system is an investment, when you think about how much money it will save you on groceries over the years, this system pays for itself.