10 Under-$20 Ways to Get Your Home Cleaner and Tidier for Cheap

We call this low-investment, big-results home organizing.

Sometimes achieving an organized home requires a big investment, like splurging on a beautiful custom closet. And, well, sometimes it doesn't. A couple months ago, I had an organizing epiphany. After dealing with a messy jumble of cords in my living room for over a year (yes, organization procrastination is real), I finally decided to invest 20 bucks on a cord box. Once it arrived and the cords were all neatly concealed under the sofa, I had one of those Why didn't I do this sooner? moments. We tend to think of organizing (thanks in part to the fabulous but time-consuming KonMari method) as a labor-intensive process, but it can also be these small moments and tiny investments made along the way. Here are 10 low-cost, low-effort mini moves to get your home cleaner and neater.

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Hide the Cords

White Cable Box Storage

Whether the cords are cluttering up your at-home office, the living room, or your kids' gaming zone, this sleek cable box is the solution. It corrals the cords, so you don't have to worry about tripping over Xbox cables when you're vacuuming.

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Clip On a Shower Caddy

Gray Umbra Shower Caddy
Container Store

If you currently have your shampoo, conditioner, and soap precariously perched on the ledge of your bathtub, upgrade to a stylish caddy that clips onto the shower head. It even has slots for stashing razors and pegs for hanging loofahs.

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Refresh the Walls (and Your Shower Curtain)

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Want to make your home look cleaner by spending just 30 minutes and $10? Order a pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Use one cleaning pad to buff away any marks or scuffs on the walls and furniture around your home. Once you get started, you'll soon notice just how many scuff marks are on the molding and baseboards.

Grab another eraser and use it to wipe away soap scum and mildew on your shower curtain. Ta-da! You don't have to buy a new shower curtain liner after all.

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Invest in a Good Drain Cover

Teal Starfish Drain Cover
Urban Outfitters

It's safe to say that cleaning the shower drain is no one's idea of a good time. To tackle this chore less often, order an effective shower drain cover that will help stop hair and soap scum from creating clogs. This cute, starfish-shaped drain cover is top-rated, comes in two colors, and costs less than 10 bucks.

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De-Fur the Furniture

OXO Fur Lifter Brush for Furniture
Bed Bath and Beyond

If you have a pet, the battle against the fur is never-ending. Instead of tearing off sheet after sheet from a traditional lint roller, order this clever tool designed to de-fur your sofa or side chair. Did we mention it's self-cleaning and reusable?

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Restore Grout Lines

White Grout Pens
Home Depot

Discolored grout lines have the power to make even a just-cleaned bathroom look dingy. After cleaning the tile in your bathroom, try using a grout pen to restore your grout to a bright white. This process is simple but time-consuming, so set aside an afternoon to color in the lines while listening to a podcast.

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Clear Counter Clutter

Marble Lazy Susan
World Market

To keep kitchen counters from devolving into chaos, we generally try to keep out only the essentials, all stored on a tray or turntable. Opt for a stylish turntable, like this marble one, so this organizing hack doubles as decor.

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Add Extra Storage to Your Closet

Hanging Closet Organizer in Blue

Without carefully chosen organizers, it's easy for even the most spacious closet to become cluttered. One trick that made my own closet more functional: Adding hanging storage for t-shirts and sweaters. This helps keep everyday pieces more accessible, rather than placing them on a shelf that's difficult to reach.

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Maximize Under-the-Sink Storage

Wire Grid Over-the-Door Basket
Urban Outfitters

In your kitchen or bathroom, make the under-the-sink cabinet work harder with this over-the-door organizer. The wire basket hides dish detergent, sponges, or hand soap inside the cabinet, while the bar in the front keeps a hand towel within reach.

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Let Baskets Hide Essentials

World Market Woven Baskets
World Market

In the bathroom, keep essentials like toilet paper and spare towels within reach but concealed by using stylish woven baskets. If your bathroom doesn't have a ton of cabinet space, this will help you avoid having to go to the storage cabinet or basement every time you run out of TP.

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