Now, how to get it up the stairs…

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 01, 2017
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Ace Collection mattress
Credit: The Ace Collection

For most of us, a regular 'ole 76-inch-wide king size bed provides a luxurious amount of space, even if you’re sharing it with a partner. But for those who have a bedmate who’s notorious for tossing and turning, or share their bed with their dogs (you have three dalmatians, you say?), or have kids who haven’t kicked their bed-sharing habit yet, this enormous 12-foot-wide bed from the Ace Collection is for you.

Almost double the width of a traditional king size mattress, the Ace Collection calls it their “family size” bed, and it comes in soft, medium, or firm. According to the company’s website, the extra-wide bed was designed five years ago, after a client requested a bed large enough to fit all of her children as she read them a bedtime story. Now, families everywhere can have the same luxury, that is, if they’re willing to shell out $2,750 for the mattress (or $4,054 for a package that comes with a box spring and bed linens.) And although the complete package is significantly pricier than the mattress alone, good luck trying to find a sheet set that will fit this behemoth at Bed Bath & Beyond.

While the idea of having an endless amount of personal space to sprawl out away from your partner may sound tempting, this huge bed may not be the marriage-saver that it seems. According to a 2014 study by the University of Hertfordshire, couples who slept just an inch apart tended to be happier than those who slept 30 inches apart. So... what does it mean if you and your spouse sleep 76 inches apart?