And they come in 23 gorgeous colors. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 30, 2018
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I have a thing for Turkish towels. I have thin ones that roll up to nearly nothing that I tote along to the beach and luxe terry cloth-backed ones for the bathroom, and when I was looking for little gifts for my friends this summer, I didn't have to think twice about what to get them—that's right, Turkish towels all around.

While I've found beautiful hand-woven peshtemals from Turkey on Etsy and thick terry cloth-lined ones on Pottery Barn (the perfect Mother's Day present), I recently discovered some pretty Turkish towels from an unlikely source: Amazon. While many Turkish towels are smaller than the standard-size bath towels, these Cacala towels (from $14; are 37-by-70 inches, making them even slightly larger than the average bath towel. The generous size leaves some extra room in case these 100-percent cotton towels shrink in the dryer, although reviewers assure us that they don't shrink too noticeably.

While prices vary by colors (did we mention there are a whopping 23 colors to choose from?), they are all under $25, and based on the positive reviews, they are worth every penny. If you've never used a Turkish towel before, there are some differences to get used to—they're thinner, dry faster, and feel crisper—compared to the traditional fluffy towels you may be using. But reviewers explain that these durable, lightweight towels only get softer with use. Because they dry quickly and don't collect as much sand as fluffy towels, they're the perfect towel for travel, camping, or the beach.

"Unlike thick, loopy terry towels, these flat-weave towels are not sand magnets. They are larger than regular bath towels, dry quickly, and don't start smelling sour from prolonged dampness," one reviewer explains.

A bath towel that's spacious, lightweight, fast-drying, and miraculously never smells sour? I may never go back to looped cotton towels again.