We’ll meet you on the lanai.

By Lauren Phillips
August 28, 2018
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The Golden Girls first came on the air almost 33 years ago (the anniversary is September 14), but fans everywhere still hold the irrepressible Girls near and dear. The Girls’ personalities, lessons, catchphrases, and more are still re-used and incorporated into TV, books, and more today—even their (Blanche’s, technically) iconic Miami house has its own following and tributes.


Take Modsy’s interpretation of the Golden Girls house: The interior design service, which has also reimagined iconic spaces such as Carrie’s Sex and the City apartment, took the Golden Girls house and updated it for 2018, depicting what it might look like today if Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia still lived there.


While Modsy passed over the lanai in its imagined redesign, the design team did include the kitchen, living room, and Blanche’s bedroom in its nostalgic project, and these renderings are enough to have us wanting to re-watch the whole series all over again. (And then watch all these Betty White films immediately afterward.)

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