Get the most stylish dorm room decor—no student loan necessary.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated July 31, 2018
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Between bedding, and desk lamps, and rugs, and wall art, buying your dorm room decor can really start to add up. And when you're working with a ramen-for-dinner student budget, decorating the stylish dorm room of your dreams can seem impossible—that is, until you check out Target's Back to College section. This year, Target's deals are so good ($6 desk lamps, seriously?), we challenged ourselves to deck out an entire dorm room for less than $100. From area rug to wall art, we did it! Our one piece of advice, students: Add these picks to your shopping cart now, before they sell out.


Confetti-Sprinkled Comforter

One side of this reversible comforter is adorned with festive pink and gold confetti. Want to set the mood for a serious study session? Flip it over for a solid cream comforter. 

To buy: $15, 


A Sweet Sheet Set

This patterned sheet set guarantees your dorm room will look adorable—even if you don't have time to make the bed. 

To buy: $16, 


A Cute Plant (That You'll Never Need to Water)

Nothing makes a space look lived in quite like adding a beautiful houseplant or two. The best part about this faux plant is that you'll never need to remember to water it—and it's sure to survive over winter break. 

To buy: $8, 


A Chic (And Affordable) Desk Lamp

You're going to need a desk lamp for those late-night study sessions—and this chic option is just $6, so it won't cut into your textbook funds.

To buy: $6, 


Fairy Light Photo Clips

Think you can't afford wall art? Guess again. Order this set of photo clips with fairy lights, then use it to display your favorite photos printed from your Instagram account. It will help keep your family and high school friends nearby, even when you're away at school. 

To buy: $8, 


A Sleek Storage Cart

In a cramped dorm room, a sleek rolling storage cart is indispensable. Use it to stash everything from cooking supplies to cleaning essentials, or load it up with snacks and roll it to the movie-watching party down the hall. 

To buy: $30, 


Helpful Storage Bins

If you want to keep your dorm room looking as neat as it does on move-in day, you're going to need storage bins to conceal the clutter. Stash hairbrushes and makeup in one, snacks in another. 

To buy: $5 each, 


A Cozy Rug

Want to make your dorm room feel more like a home? Don't underestimate the importance of a cozy area rug. This pink and gray one adds a dash of color and provides a soft landing next to your bed. 

To buy: $10, 


A Surprisingly Stylish Waste Basket

You're going to need a waste basket for all those crumpled-up term paper drafts, so why not buy one that's pretty enough to be left out on display. Set this mint green bin beside your desk for a fun pop of color. 

To buy: $4,