She was inspired by the beautiful house on the show's set.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated March 23, 2018

Besides being an amazing actress, Susan Kelechi Watson—best known for playing Beth Pearson on the hit show This Is Us—also has a knack for interior design. After moving into a new apartment in L.A., she spruced up the formerly blank space (with a little help from HomeGoods), infusing color and personality into every room. The finished look? She calls it afro-centric chic meets minimalist glam—and as the before-and-afters below prove, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Susan Kelechi Watson Living Room Before
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

The Living Room Before

Before the makeover, this spacious living room had lots of potential, but was a little lacking in the personality department.

Susan Kelechi Watson Living Room After
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

The Living Room After

By adding a cozy rug, shelving units, a coffee table, and a floor lamp, Kelechi Watson turned a plain apartment into a home. For the color palette, she found inspiration in art. "I recently purchased a painting by Jamaican artist Kitwana Robinson—it inspired me to highlight bright teal and vibrant orange in my home," she explains. "At HomeGoods I grabbed some amazing throws and pillows in those colors—it brought my living room to life and made it feel just like home." To get the look in your own home, start with a painting you love, then let the colors in the work of art guide the accent colors in the room.

Susan Kelechi Watson Wet Bar Before
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

The Wet Bar Before

A wet bar is a fun addition to an apartment used for entertaining, but pre-makeover, it needed a little sprucing to get the party started.

Susan Kelechi Watson Wet Bar After
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

The Wet Bar After

Kelechi Watson found the inspiration for this space when scrolling through HomeGood's Instagram account. "One of my favorite looks from their page included a picture frame that said, 'Hey, Girl Hey.' I loved it so much and needed it somewhere in my home—HomeGoods made it happen, and I have it hanging in my wet bar!" Whenever you're feeling fresh out of design ideas, a quick scroll through Instagram or Pinterest can help. Bookmark your favorite designers or homes so you can easily reference them the next time you're picking paint colors or buying new throw pillows.

Susan Kelechi Watson Dining Room Before
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

The Dining Room Before

The large dining room makes this apartment ideal for hosting dinner parties, but before the transformation, the space felt a little bland.

Susan Kelechi Watson Dining Room After
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

Dining Room After

Plants, a mirror, and some statement-making chairs pull the room together. The makeover also gave Kelechi Watson a chance to experiment with a design element she'd never owned before: a standout rug. "I always wanted to mix and match rugs in the same room, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I now have two different rugs, one in the living room and one in the dining room, and it's a first for me!" she says. "It’s really inspiring the space, while not clashing or being too matchy." To try this look at home, search for rugs with different designs, but in a cohesive color palette. In a large room or an open floor plan, using several different rugs can help visually separate the space.

Susan Kelechi Watson Bedroom Before
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

The Bedroom Before

Kelechi Watson wanted her bedroom to be a minimalist, relaxing space, but before the makeover, it felt more stark than zen.

Bedroom Makeover Reveal
Credit: Harry Van Gorkum for HomeGoods

The Bedroom After

By sticking with a neutral color palette, the room still feels peaceful even after it's cozied up with accessories. A fuzzy throw blanket, a soft rug, and the tufted headboard add texture to the space. And the finishing touch? The curtains, which were actually inspired by the set of This Is Us. "When thinking about my L.A. home and how it compares to Beth and Randall’s, I wanted to add curtains to each room," she explains. "It’s something I love about the set house and something I have never had in any of my homes! Curtains complete a space for me, and I love how the light bounces off that fabric to bring more light into the room." To keep the look airy and bright, choose gauzy curtains in a light hue that will reflect sunlight around the space.