Organize your spaces in style rather than with bulky storage units.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated May 09, 2018
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Whether you live in a mansion or a box (game of M.A.S.H. anyone?), you know how the wrong storage and home organizer decisions can lead to an aesthetic conundrum. Do you just get rid of a bunch of stuff, or do you start from scratch and organize your home differently? These items can be the fixes you're looking for to expand your home's storage capabilities while adding cool elements to any room's decor.

Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage

I love having so much toilet paper that I never have to think about walking back from the drug store with a package of it clutched to my chest again (it never fits in the bags!). The problem is, those rolls on rolls take up a lot of room. Voila! Now your excellent errand foresight can turn into a whimsical, fluffy bathroom accent.

To buy: $115-140;

Heart Book Box

Some people have junk drawers, some people have junk splattered all about, and then some people are in-between doing who knows what. This adorable heart compartment hidden inside a fake book is a discreet storage spot for some of those miscellaneous paper-clip-rubber-band-safety-pin doodads you can never find when you need them even though you're positive you didn't throw them away.

To buy: $55;

Galvanized Rolling Cart

Dirty laundry doesn't exactly scream "chicness," but this rolling bar cart can flip the script on that. Your hamper no longer has to be an eyesore in the corner of your bedroom or laundry room. Instead, tuck it subtly away under a cool mobile bar cart.

To buy: $249;

Valet Clothes Stand

Storing clothes when you were a kid was so easy: You outgrew everything by the end of the season, so out the door it went, with a few of your staples and sentimental items going up to the attic or on a closet shelf. Getting rid of things is much harder now that you're adult-sized, so the more space for clothes that you never outgrow the better. This stand is an efficient multi-tasker, storing and giving you easy access to your clothes while turning them into a display.

To buy: $299;

Uprise Monitor Riser

Monitor and laptop users alike can relate to having clutter all around their work spaces, and this sleek shelving unit wants to help you whip your desk into shape. Plus, it can also be more of a file organizer if you flip it on its side.

To buy: $99;

4-Piece Deep Blue Acrylic Storage Box Set

These storage boxes are bright and fresh, two adjectives not usually associated with storage bins and containers. That alone is a selling point to me.

To buy: $149;

Reflection Bath Cabinet

Shelves like this are great for hiding untidy groupings of extras: extra towels, extra toilet paper rolls, extra travel-sized toilettries. Using one is like the more mature and organized version of shoving all your clothes under the bed in high school.

To buy: $449;

Fairland Square Storage Ottoman

If an ottoman doesn't double as storage is it really an ottoman? I think Aristotle first asked this question, and look how it still makes you think today.

To buy: $59.99;

Summit Over the Toilet Space Saver Tower

My bathroom is the size of your desk cubical, so an over-the-toilet storage shelving unit has been the main thing getting me through life. OK, hyperbole aside, I really love having a cute wooden cabinet in my bathroom instead of open shelving and plastic drawers, and I bet you will too.

To buy: $79.99;