This Furniture Protector Prevents Cats From Tearing Up Your Couches, and It's on Sale Right Now

“Problem solved!”

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Stelucca Amazing Shields Cat Scratch Deterrent - Pack of 6, Adhesive Clear 17 x 12 inch Furniture Protectors from Cats - Plastic, Anti-Scratch Cat Repellent Mat for Couch

Owning a cat is an absolute joy: They're loyal companions that love to play, lounge in the sun, and, unfortunately, scratch everything in sight. Cat parents often turn to scratch posts to help their feline friends with this natural inclination to sink their claws into plush, deep fabric, but they don't always do the trick. When it comes to keeping furniture safe, more than 6,100 Amazon shoppers found a solution they're ″thrilled″ with.

The Stelucca Amazing Shields are a series of panels that attach to the sides of your sofa to prevent your cat from clawing at it. These sheets come in a pack of six and are made out of a thick plastic material that safely and effectively deters cats from scratching by simply blocking the action. They're large enough (17 by 12 inches) to cover big portions of furniture, but can be cut easily with scissors to fit smaller areas. The pads adhere to furniture when the self-adhesive paper is pulled off and the sticky side is exposed, but can easily be removed without leaving residue behind. Each package also comes with 50 pins that twist into plush fabric as an alternative to the adhesive to provide an even more secure fit.

And right now, they're on sale for 31 percent off.

Stelucca Amazing Shields Cat Scratch Deterrent

To buy: $25 (was $36);

One cat lover wrote that this "particular brand of protectors" is an "incredible value," and added that it's "worth every cent." Another shopper declared "problem solved!" after installing these protective sheets. "The shields are hardly noticeable," they added.

A third wrote that they "loved these so much more" than they thought they would and admitted that they bought a roll of double-sided tape as a backup option if the adhesive on the shields wasn't up to par. But "these were the definite winners," they said.

Whether you just bought new furniture or you're holding onto a well-loved sofa set, protect your couches from your cat by ordering the Stelucca Amazing Shields while they're still on sale today.

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