A genius new Kickstarter product does all of the fitted sheet folding for you.

Credit: Squasheet

We love to fold fitted sheets, but we get it: for some people this tricky task is a total hassle. A new Kickstarter product, Squasheet (yes, we spelled that right) aims to solve this pain point, however. And here's the thing: It also helps you keep your linen closet organized and it doubles as decor. Talk about genius.

Squasheet is a fitted sheet that stuffs perfectly into itself to become a cute throw pillow (like those towels-turned backpacks you’ve probably seen). Not only does this genius invention make crumpled sheets disappear, it also keeps your sheets smelling fresh longer. With it, your closet stays neater and you have extra space for something else. It's also easy to carry along when you want to take a set of sheets with you on the go.

Here's something else: Once you fit the sheet onto your mattress, you can access a pocket for tucking away essentials like the TV remote, lip balm, and your phone. The location of the pocket also helps guide you on how to put the sheet on your bed, so you don't waste time guessing which is the long side and which is the short side anymore.

The Squasheet Kickstarter campaign is launching on February 27 for $40, so make sure to head over there to get yours first. So long, messy piles of sheets!